USA vs Jamaica Prediction | Gold Cup 2021 | 07/26

USA vs Jamaica Prediction: At the end of the group stage, the home team USA with 9 absolute points entered the quarterfinals with first place in Group B. Their opponent in this round is Jamaica, the team ranked 2nd in Group C. In the upcoming 90 dramatic minutes, which team will fill their name in the round of the 4 strongest teams?

USA vs Jamaica Prediction


  • Match date: 01:30 am on 2021/07/26
  • Event: Gold Cup 2021
  • Stage: Quarterfinals
  • Location: AT&T Stadium



Coming to the match that is about to take place, the American players are being rated higher than the opponent due to the results in the group stage. Along with that, with the home-field advantage, the Chinese team also has many advantages for getting favorable results.

USA’s form in the last 5 matches: W W W W W

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If including the matches before the Gold Cup season, the US team is currently having an impressive performance circuit. Specifically, the team has won all of the last 5 matches in all competitions.

Along with that, the US team is also a potential option for players when betting for themselves. Specifically, the team has helped players get 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 5 Handicap bets. In the last match against Canada, despite having to accept 0.5 goals, the US team still helped players win the bet after winning 1-0.

USA vs Jamaica Prediction

Jamaica’s form in the last 5 matches: D L W W L

On the other side of the front line, Jamaican players are not in a really stable form. In the last 5 matches in all competitions, the team had 2 wins and losses, along with 1 draw. Notably, Jamaica’s 2 victories at the Gold Cup were both against two weaker teams, Guadeloupe and Suriname.

Currently, Jamaica is also not a potential option for investors. Specifically, the team lost 3/5 of the last Handicap bet. In the recent match, despite having a match with Costa Rica, Jamaica still made players lose their bets after losing 0-1 in the end.

Select: USA FT.

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Since 1972, the two teams have faced each other 25 times in all competitions. With 14 wins and 8 draws, the US team is the ones holding the advantage of the head-to-head record. In contrast, Jamaica has only beaten the Chinese team 3 times in the past.

USA vs Jamaica Prediction

The statistics of experts are also supporting the US team when the team has won 4 in the last 5 confrontations between the two teams. In contrast, Jamaica has only won 1 match in a friendly match between the two teams in 2019. Therefore, the US team is considered to have many advantages to get a favorable result in the upcoming 90 minutes. next.

Select: USA FT.


The US team is currently an impressive team with 15 goals in the last 5 matches. Corresponding to this number is the average performance of 3 goals per game.

Meanwhile, Jamaica is not having the same scoring form as their opponent. The team has only scored 5 goals in the last 5 matches, corresponding to an average performance of 1 goal per game.

With Over/Under 2.5, Over has won in the last 3/5 matches of the US team in recent times, corresponding to a rate of 60%. Meanwhile, Over players have only won 2 bets in the last 5 matches of the Jamaican team recently. Notably, the Over bet has also exploded in 3/5 of the last encounters between the two teams.

Select: Over 2.5 FT.

USA vs Jamaica Prediction: USA 3-0 Jamaica FT (2-0 H1).

The above is information about the prediction in the Quarterfinals match of Gold Cup 2021 between USA vs Jamaica on 2021/07/26 of the CMD368 bookie.