V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu Prediction | J.League 2 | 11/15

V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu prediction – In the 34th round of J.League 2, V-Varen Nagasaki will play at their home field and welcome the guests, Ryukyu.

V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 am on Saturday 14th November 2020
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 34th
  • Location: Nagasaki Stadium




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  • V-Varen Nagasaki is currently a team with top performance and performance and is considered a candidate for the promotion ticket. The breakthrough of the later stage makes them speed up very quickly. They are currently in 3rd place with 60 points got just one victory away from the leading team. Avispa Fukuoka has a very solid playstyle, but their attackers are also considered to be respectable at goal hunting. Their opponent this time is a weak team, this is probably the best chance for them to take the top 2.


  • Ryukyu is playing really well. A season with so much patchwork in the roster that they did not have good promotion on the standings. Currently, Ryukyu is ranked 18th with 36 points obtained. The bright spot of the team is that they have very good performance goods when there are 42 goals scored in the top teams with the most goals in the tournament. However, the loophole in their defense is too large to receive 50 goals back. This will be a weakness that they need to overcome in this confrontation.


  • V-Varen Nagasaki is in extremely high form lately. With home advantage, they are still the team that is more appreciated than Ryukyu in this match through the handicap of 0.75. Obviously, the fact that the away team is struggling somewhat will be a better opportunity for the homeowner to continue to prolong his sublimation circuit. V-Varen Nagasaki is showing a very positive face when strong in attack and sure in defense makes the home team seem very difficult to be stopped at the moment.

V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu prediction: V-Varen Nagasaki 0.75 FT


  • The two teams have a certain indebtedness to each other, when confronted, they often have a very open style and dedication to the audience. Statistics show that in the last 5 matches, 2 teams scored 23 goals, more than 4 goals/game. This is a very impressive figure showing a comfortable and full winning of the two teams in close proximity to each other. Predict a multi-goal match so experts recommend Over 2.5.
  • Select: Over 2.5 FT

V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu prediction: V-Varen Nagasaki 4 – 0 Ryukyu (H1: 2 – 0)

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V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu Prediction


  • V-Varen Nagasaki’s home record is also very impressive with 8 wins in the last 12 matches played here. The number is enough to make Ryukyu be wary, especially when the away team can only win exactly 2 out of 10 previous trips away from home. The advantage of the field and high form will help V-Varen Nagasaki dominate against Ryukyu and will likely get 3 points in this encounter. Choose V-Varen Nagasaki for the European handicap.
  • V-Varen Nagasaki vs Ryukyu prediction: V-Varen Nagasaki FT


  • V-Varen Nagasaki: Suzuki, Nagura, Kagawam Baek, Takasugi, Nakamura, Tamada, Cesar, Niizato, Goya, Sawada.
  • Ryukyu: Taguchi, Kazama, Kazama, Abe, Koizumi, Numata, Yon Jick, Motegi, Torikai, Suzuki, Uesato.

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