Valladolid vs Huesca Prediction | La Liga | 01/29

Valladolid vs Huesca prediction – In the next round, Real Valladolid will have a welcome Huesca at home. Currently, the home team is not in good shape. However, they still have the opportunity to find 3 points when Huesca is the team with the worst performance in the tournament.

Valladolid vs Huesca Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00 pm on 01/29/2021
  • Event: La Liga
  • Stage: Matchday 21st
  • Location: José Zorrilla




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The pressure of the current relegation race that Valladolid is forced to win in this match if they do not want to be closer and closer to the group holding the red light. Therefore, this is also considered a disadvantage for Valladolid when they enter without having the most psychological comfort, but anyway, Huesca is not a too difficult opponent, so the fans of the home team Nuevo Jose Zorrilla also has the right to be confident about 1 home victory.

Valladolid vs Huesca prediction: 

  • H1 Asian handicap: Valladolid +0.
  • H1 Over/Under: Over 3/4.
  • H1 score: Valladolid 1-0 Huesca.


Huesca is still ranked last in the Spanish league table with a distance of 6 points less than the safe area. The encounter with a competitor who is also competing for relegation this season, Valladolid in the next round of 21 promises to be 90 minutes with many difficulties for Huesca because, in terms of form or force, they are both inferior to their opponents with an away disadvantage, maybe Huesca can continue to disappoint with 1 defeat.

Valladolid vs Huesca prediction: 

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  • FT Asian handicap: Valladolid -1/4.
  • FT Over/Under: Over 2.1/4.
  • FT score: Valladolid 2-1 Huesca.
Valladolid vs Huesca Prediction


The European rate has been raised to 2.20 * 3.15 * 3.25 as at present shows that experts highly appreciate the strength of Valladolid in this confrontation. Along with the experience of playing in La Liga, the home team is completely better than rival Levante. Therefore, experts also find that the home team Valladolid will be a safe choice in this confrontation.

Valladolid vs Huesca prediction: Valladolid FT


Valladolid: J. Masip, J. Sanchez, F. Kiko, R. Garcia, J. Moyano, J. Fernandez, F. San Emeterio Diaz, R. Alcaraz, O. Pedreno, E. Perez, S. Navarro.

Huesca: A. Fernandez, J. Soares, J. Ruiz, D. Ferreiro, P. Lopez, P. Mosquera, S. Okazaki, L. Carlos Correia, D. Raba, J. Pulido, M. Moreno.

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