Vallecano vs Girona Prediction – La Liga 2 – 04/10

Vallecano vs Girona prediction on April 10, 2021. The number of teams playing in the Spanish 2nd division is up to 22, so the tournament will last until the 42nd round, the chance is still quite a lot for teams to improve their position on the rankings before the season. award ends. Rayo Vallecano and Girona will clash in the 34th round of the tournament at Campo Vallecas at 11:15 p.m. on April 10.

Vallecano Overview

Vallecano vs Girona Prediction

The host players Rayo Vallecano in the last 5 matches launched a total of 57 finishes, of which 22 times the ball went to the target and in the end, the number of goals created was 8, only the match. with Sporting Gijon are home team strikers who have difficulty finding goals. Being a team with a relatively creative midfield and contention in the middle is also good enough so the upline does not have much difficulty in finding the ball to manage.

The 39 goals obtained after 32 matches is also quite small with what the home players have shown, in 15 matches at home, there is a bit more optimism when the goalscorer above brings about 22 goals scored. Regarding defense, it has not been a concern of Vallecano before and in fact, their goalkeepers went into the net to pick up the ball 30 times as well as only conceded 4 times in the last matches.

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Girona Overview

Vallecano vs Girona Prediction

In the top 10 scoring list currently, there is the appearance of a player from Girona, Mamadou Sylla with 8 goals and 4 assists. From the 29th to 31st round, the Senegal striker was consecutively the god with very important turning points of the match. However, those who split fire in attack positions with Sylla have their own limitations, so finding goals is not very optimistic.

The scoring performance of the away team at this time after 33 matches is 1 goal/match. There is a positive signal that the attackers in the last 5 matches have scored 10 goals. Besides, the defense is still working hard to preserve the results, the number of goals lost 32 up to the present time is considered stable.

Past Encounters

Vallecano vs Girona Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Vallecano vs Girona prediction

3/5 wins in the matchup match belong to the away team. Girona is in good shape both at home and away with maintaining a streak of no loss, including victories with a number of strong teams in the league. Rayo Vallecano has a total of 4 losses at home, in the last 5 matches, there have been 3 defeats.

Vallecano vs Girona prediction: Choose Girona 0.5

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European Bet

Vallecano vs Girona Prediction

At times when they met before the away team, Girona often played on the opponent’s feet and won the final. The home field is no longer a safe fulcrum for Rayo Vallecano when there are more and more failures in this place. A win will help Girona level the score against their own opponent in this match.

Choose Girona (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Vallecano vs Girona prediction

Girona’s strikers are constantly bringing positive signals when they have added many goals in the past, which will be a test of the reliability of the home defense front. Most of the goals that Rayo Vallecano creates is when he kicks at home, so this team will not hesitate to retaliate.

Vallecano vs Girona prediction: Choose Over 2.0


Rayo Vallecano: Saveljich, Tito, Montiel, Suárez, Dimitrievski, Catena, Luna, Valentín, Palazón, Qasmi, de Frutos.

Girona: Valery Fernandez, Alex Granell Nogue, Asier Riesgo Unamuno, Pedro Alcala Guirado, Jordi Calavera Espinach, Pape Maly Diamanka, Jairo Izquierdo Gonzalez, Ignasi Miquel, Johan Andres Mojica Palacio, Samuel Saiz Alonso, Christian Ricardo Stuani.

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