Venezia vs Empoli Prediction On July 3rd, 2020

Venezia vs Empoli prediction on July 3rd, 2020. Both Venezia and Empoli are the teams that are not really impressive in the past and are having positions in the middle group. So both will aim to win in the next round to be able to somewhat improve their performance. Will be the screen with the game is quite dramatic and attractive.

Venezia vs Empoli Prediction

Venezia’s last matches

Empoli’s last matches


Venezia vs Empoli Prediction

Venezia vs Empoli prediction

The home team Empoli soon went through the 31st round, but what the Venezia players are showing up till now is very poor.

This poor performance made people doubt their ability to relegate. Specifically, in the last 5 matches, they have 1 win, 2 draws and 2 defeats. The poor performance of the home team made them fall to 14th place with 36 points.

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As for the away team, Empoli is a better team than the home team this season. Currently, after 30 matches, they have won 10 wins, drawn 11 matches and lost 9 matches, gaining 41 points ranked 11th in the rankings.

The next Venezia vs Empoli match, although the away team is somewhat better than the home team in terms of playing and spirit, to win the home team in the first half is very difficult. Therefore, the first half will be a draw for both.

Venezia vs Empoli prediction, O/U bet

Venezia is in a sprint stage in the current tournament. Thereby it must host an opponent who is impressive as Empoli at home in round 32 here, making many people do not believe in winning for the home team.

Venezia is in great danger after this season, so Alessio Dionisi’s army with the current determination will only be able to minimize the number of goals conceded in this round before the away team.

Across the line, Empoli is ambitious to win promotions this season. Looking at the current performance and strength Empoli can completely win easily in the next confrontation.

Over/Under odds are set at 2.25. The Over ratio is 0.93, showing that investors are very optimistic about the prospect of repeated net vibrations in this Venezia vs Empoli match. With what is happening in the recent time of the two teams, the information of the two teams recommends that you choose Over.

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Venezia vs Empoli prediction, Asian bet

Venezia vs Empoli Prediction

Venezia has only 2 wins in the last 6 confrontations between the two teams. This is why they are now the top team in the rankings. If not determined to do their best in the final rounds, it is very likely that Venezia will have to regret at the end of the season, but standing in front of the four pillars of the Italian 2nd Division, the home team has almost no chance.

With the most recent victories of Empoli, it is not too difficult to predict the easy victory from the away team at the upcoming Venezia vs Empoli match.

Asian Handicap odds of both matches are set at the same rate. The ratio between the Favorite and Underdog is a certain difference, showing that investors are quite confident about a victory for Empoli this trip.

  • Choose Empoli.

Venezia vs Empoli prediction, European bet

The European odds offered in this Venezia vs Empoli match by the house is 2.77 * 2.46 * 3.20, which corresponds to the home win or loss ratio. Standing in front of the opponent who is top of the rankings like Venezia, perhaps Empoli will not miss the opportunity to win 3 points completely.

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  • Choose Empoli to win (FT)