Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction |24/07/2020| Serie B

The reviews to the football  Venezia vs Juve Stabia prediction in Serie B about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Friday 24th July 2020
  • Event: Serie B
  • Stage: Matchday 36th
  • Location: Stadio Pierluigi Penzo


Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction


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 Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction recommendation:

With his relentless efforts, Venezia has recently officially escaped from the danger group and is temporarily safe. With 14th place on the table with 44 points, although it is not possible to say that Venezia is really safe yet, with the home team, they are feeling very comfortable. Because right now, Venezia is 2 points more than Perugia in 16th place and up to 3 points more than Juve Stabia himself in 17th position. Need to know, 16th and 17th places are all positions that At the end of the season, all teams must compete in the relegated Playoffs. Therefore, the home team Venezia certainly will not want to return to that red light area again and they will be determined to win today’s match. Meanwhile, Juve Stabia recently ended a series of poor performances with a victory over Chievo Verona.

According to experts, that victory has not brought Juve Stabia back to the safe group but they still relieve the psychological pressure before. Of course, the pressure has been relieved but Juve Stabia’s strength will make them difficult in today’s match. Because it must be stressed that since the beginning of the season, Juve has gone through 17 away appearances. The result that Juve achieved is also extremely modest with only 2 victories, 5 draws, and all 10 losses. Therefore, today it will be very difficult for the visitors to get a victory but instead, the result is possible. The best they can achieve is just a draw.

O/U Prediction: 

  • In the framework of the 36th match of the Italian second division, Juve Stabia came to visit on the field of Venezia with the goal of replicating the achievement in the first leg and winning 3 points, and close to the opponent on the rankings.
  • Currently, the target of both the owner and the guest is currently in relegation. With the Juve Stabia visitors, they are only ranked 17th with 41 points and the difference of -12, in fact, this is still the position of relegation play-off, but the guarantee of staying in Serie B is still considered mission first. Venezia is also ranked 14th with 2 points more than the group holding the red light.

The best  Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction: 

  • UNDER 1 (H1)
  • UNDER  2 1/4 (Fulltime)

Asian Handicap Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction: 

  • Remember in the first leg of this season, Juve Stabia has surpassed Venice to 2-0 at home. Of course, being a guest is another category.
  • But the slight acceptance of ¼ in the first half, as well as the fulltime main contract, makes the Guest selection in this match still relatively bright and safer.

Best  Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction

  • Juve Stabia +1/4 (H1)
  • Juve Stabia +1/4 (Full Time)

European Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction: 

  • The performance of both teams is quite similar, especially in the past 3 rounds. In the last round, both Venezia and Juve Stabia got close victories over Spezia and Chievo, while the previous two rounds were also forced to split points into goals with draws.
  • European markets are more likely to have a tie result, the two teams hold each other in the dangerous group and must try to break out in the last 2 rounds.
  • Draw

Venezia vs Juve Stabia Prediction Final Scores

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  • H1 Venice 0-0 Juve Stabia
  • FT Venice 1-1 Juve Stabia


  • Venice: Aramu – Capello – Lezzerini – Molinaro – Lakićević – Ceccaroni – Riccardi – Vacca – Lollo – Maleh –  Longo 
  • Juve Stabia: Calò – Provedel – Troest –  Fazio – Students – Mastalli – Bifulco – Mallamo –  Di Mariano – Forte – Tonucci 

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