Verona vs Torino Prediction | Serie A | 05/09

Verona vs Torino prediction – Torino has been in very good shape over the past time, having consistently obtained favorable results in the last rounds. Even if they have to play away from home, but in front of their all-motivated opponent, Verona, can they win to continue their journey of finding relegation tickets?

Verona vs Torino Prediction


  • Match date: 04:00 pm on 05/09/2021
  • Event: Serie A
  • Stage: Matchday 35th
  • Location: Olympiastadion



Verona vs Torino Prediction


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Verona has fulfilled their goal this season as relegation successfully, while Torino is still in need of points before the dangerous group’s pursuit on the ranking.

Verona vs Torino Prediction

Verona has been in very poor performance over the past time when they did not win in the last 5 rounds, including 4 defeats. This is completely understandable when with 42 points in hand and 10th place on the ranking. They have officially relegated for a long time and can not reach the European Cup next season.

Meanwhile, Torino is in very good shape over the past time when there are 2 wins and 1 defeat in the last 5 rounds. With 31 points obtained after 32 rounds, they have currently ranked 17th on the ranking. Torino is above the relegation group thanks to more than the sub-index but still having 2 games that are not yet kicked.

Select: Verona FT.


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The Over/Under odds set for H1 is 1 draw. Player betting Over will win 1.85 if the match is Over and the player betting Under will get 1.89 if the match is Under.

The Over/Under odds set for FT is 2.5. Player betting Over will win 1.89 if the match is Over and the player betting Under will get 1.92 if the match is Under.

According to statistics, in the last 5 matches of Verona, there are 3 Under and 2 Over matches, while in Torino’s last 5 matches, there are also 3 Under and 2 Over matches.

Select: Under 1 FT.

Verona vs Torino prediction: Verona 1-0Torino FT.


Verona is having a huge advantage in confrontation every time they meet Torino in history when they are completely unbeaten against this opponent in the last 5 times the two teams have met and got 1 victory.

However, at the present time, things may be different when Torino is determined to fulfill their goal of successfully relegating, with the Verona players they are thinking about their upcoming summer vacation again when they have accomplished their goals.

Select: Verona FT.

Verona vs Torino Prediction


Verona (3-4-2-1): Silvestri, Gunter, Ceccherini, Magnani, Faraoni, Veloso, Lazovic, Tameze, Zaccagni, Barak, Lasagna.

Torino (3-5-2): Sirigu, Bremer, Izzo, Lyanco, Ansaldi, Gojak, Rincon, Mandragora, Sanabria, Vojvoda, Belotti.

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