VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli Prediction, 16:30 On June 5

VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction at 16:30 on 06/05, Round 30 of German Second Division 2019/20. Predict, analyze the odds of VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli exactly.

VFL Bochum againSt St.Pauli is recently performance

Back after the interval, VFL Bochum is playing very successfully when they are unbeaten in all 4 matches, conceding only 1 goal in which all 2 matches were played at home. But the efforts of the home team did not make much sense, or rather, only helped VFL Bochum to be somewhat assured in the relegation battle.

VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli Prediction

At this time, VFL Bochum got the 9th place in the rankings, poorly ranked 2 to 15 points and certainly no chance of competing for a ticket to play in the Bundesliga. That will more or less affect VFL Bochum’s motivation for the reSt of the season.

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Like the home team, the goal of the St. players. Pauli this season is juSt about improving the rankings as much as possible. St.Pauli is 13th, but the diStance to VFL Bochum is only 1 point. If surpassed the hoSt, St. Pauli will make a big leap on the leaderboard.

Odds Dealer

In the round of the 30th German Bundesliga 2 tournament, fans will be watching the extremely attractive duel between the two rivals VFL Bochum vs St. Petersburg. Pauli. Both are determined to win the higheSt. VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction has a high probability of winning will be in favor of the home team.

Handicap Analysis / Asia VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction

VFL Bochum is playing in a bad shape right now. The home team took 36 points with 9th place on the table. In total, they won 8 wins, 12 draws and 9 losses. They had to set their sights high on this battle with their current performance. What they need to show is home advantage.

The house rules a handicap of 0.25 a whole game. In particular, VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli receives bet Stakes of 1.07 and 0.85, respectively.

Handicap VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction: choose VFL Bochum

European odds VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction

Across the front line, St.Pauli wasn’t much better either. The away team is currently in 13th place with only 1 point less than the home team. They brought a total of 8 wins, 11 draws and 10 losses. Given the current situation, they have to be half high in this match. The overwhelming hiStory of their confrontation helped them gain more confidence in this trip away from home.

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The house determines that the European rafter draws the whole match 3.25 matches. In which, the home team gets a bet of 2.38 points for the whole match. Away team gets bet of 3.10 whole match.

VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction: 1 – 0

Over/Under odds

The confrontation between the two teams is only 1 point difference in the rankings. VFL Bochum has a home advantage and a slightly higher position. Meanwhile, the St. Pauli has a hiStory of overwhelming confrontation in all 10 matches. Predict that both will play a dramatic game and only a few goals are scored in this match.

The dealer assigns Tai Uu both the 2.5 game and the left. In which, bets on Big match 0.87. Under bets, both matches are at 1.03.

Choose Under odd.

Recently Playing VFL Bochum Vs St. VFL Pauli

VFL Bochum: 3 draws, 2 wins.

St. Pauli: 1 win, 3 draws, 1 loss.

Lineup expected match VFL Bochum vs St. Petersburg Pauli

VFL Bochum vs St.Pauli prediction:

VFL Bochum: (4-2-3-1) Riemann, Gyamerah, Celozi, Hoogland, Tesche, Soares; Losilla, Weilandt, Lee, Sam, Hinterseer

St Pauli: (4-2-3-1) Himmelmann, Avevor, Buballa, Ziereis, Zander; Dudziak, Knoll, Sobota, Miyaichi, Daehli, Allagui