Vfl Wolfsburg Vs Werder Bremen Prediction & H2H On June 6th, 2020

The football match Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction within the Bundesliga of Germany compares both teams and consists of the present-day matches of the teams, the fit facts, head to head (H2H), purpose statistics, table standings, match strengths and at least a computer calculated in shape prediction. These facts ought to all be considered to location a success guess on this match.

Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction in Asian bet

Vfl Wolfsburg Vs Werder Bremen Prediction

Asian handicap odds: 0.5

With the advantage of Weserstadion, Bremen will certainly not let the opponent get an easy match. However, the Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction still not appreciate them in the next match.

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Werder Bremen’s Performance

5 latest matches of Werder Bremen: D L W D W

According to Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction, Werder Bremen is showing positive signs in terms of achievement. Considering in the last 5 matches, Bremen have only received 1 defeat against Leverkusen, on the contrary, they have 2 wins along with 2 draws to bring the total score of 8. On average each match they Get 1.6 precious points. On the Bundesliga standings, Bremen are in 17th place, only 3 points away from the safety group but they still have the advantage of playing less than 1 match.

05/30SchalkeWerder Bremen0-1Win
05/27Werder BremenB. Monchengladbach0-0Draw
05/23FreiburgWerder Bremen0-1Win
05/19Werder BremenBayer Leverkusen1-4Lose
03/07Hertha BerlinWerder Bremen2-2Draw

Not highly appreciated during the Scheltke 04 Veltins Arena, but the Bremen players had an excellent match. They played tit-for-tat with the home team even accounting for 58% of the ball. The final result after 90 minutes of play, Bremen defeated the home team Schalke 04 with a minimum score of 0-1.

Wolfburg’s Performance

5 latest matches of Wolfsburg: L W L W L

Wolfsburg has been lacking stability in recent times due to Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen’s prediction. Specifically, with the last 5 matches, after 1 victory, 1 defeat. They only got 2 victories while they had to get 3 defeats. So Wolfsburg’s win rate is only 40%. In the Bundesliga rankings, Wolfsburg is in 6th place but they are only behind the team in terms of goals scored.

05/30WolfburgEintracht Frankfurt1-2Lose
05/27Bayer LeverkusenWolfburg1-4Win
03/13WolfburgShakhtar Donetsk1-2Lose

Rated higher than rivals Frankfurt and get the advantage when playing at home Volkswagen Arena. But Wolfsburg made the fans disappointed. Frankfurt took the lead in the first half. At the beginning of the second half, Mbabu scored the goal to bring the game back to balance. By the 85th minute, Kamada scored the winning goal 1-2 for the away teamFrankfurt.

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The Asian handicap bets ratio offered by the house for this match is 0.25: Wolfsburg is the favorite team and accepts the opponent 0.25 goals. Players bet on Wolfsburg to pay money when the away team wins in the next match, losing half the money. Wolfsburg odds are 1.83, Bremen 2.02.

Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction by the expert of Bundesliga bet: Choose Werder Bremen

Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction in European Bet

Vfl Wolfsburg Vs Werder Bremen Prediction

European odds: 3.40 * 2.05 * 3.35

As Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction, Head-to-head history is leaning towards the Werder Bremen players. Only in the last 5 matches between the two teams, Bremen has not received any defeat. On the contrary, they defeated Wolfsburg 3 times, with the remaining 2 matches drawn.

12/02/19WolfsburgWerder Bremen2-3
03/04/19WolfsburgWerder Bremen1-1
10/06/18Werder BremenWolfsburg2-0
02/12/18Werder BremenWolfsburg3-1
09/20/17WolfsburgWerder Bremen1-1

At the first leg of this season at the Volkswagen Arena. Wolfsburg lost the away team in Bremen. Although during the 90 minutes of the match, Bremen only held 40% of the ball control, they excelled to beat the home team with a final score of 2-3, including a double from Rashica (13, 83)

The European bet odds offered by the house for this match are 3.40 * 2.05 * 3.35: these rates correspond to Bremen’s win, lose and draw results. According to Werder Bremen vs Wolfsburg prediction, the chance of winning of Brenmen is 31%, Wolfsburg is 27%.

Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction expert prediction: Choose Werder Bremen

Over/Under bet on Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction

Vfl Wolfsburg Vs Werder Bremen Prediction

Over/Under odds: 2.5

The goalscoring performance of Bremen in the last 5 rounds is not really outstanding. They only correct 5 times to put the ball into the opponent’s net, which corresponds to the rate of 1 goal/match. For the defense, Bremen lost 6 goals.

On the other side of the line, Wolfsburg had a little more effective attack when 8 times to tear the opponent’s net. However, they also lost 8 goals. Thus, the ratio of goals scored and lost by Wolfsburg is 1.6 goals per game.

Wout Weghorst will be the most notable name in the Wolfsburg squad. The striker, born in 1992, has scored 11 goals along with 3 assists this season.

Odds are set by the house 2.5: If you bet on the money, you will be paid when the two teams score 3 or more goals. The Under will eat money when the game ends with at most 2 goals. The odds for betting Over is 1.94, for Under is 1.88.

Vfl Wolfsburg vs Werder Bremen prediction of matchmaker experts: Choose Over

Werder Bremen vs Wolfsburg Line-ups

Werder Bremen: Pavlenka, Moisander, Vogt, Veljkovic, Gebre Selassie, Eggestein, Klaassen, Friedl, Rashica, Osako, Bittencourt

Head coach Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt.

Wolfsburg: Casteels, Otavio, Brooks, Knoche, Mbabu, Steffen, Gerhardt, Arnold, Brekalo, Weghorst, Ginczek.

Wolfsburg coach: Oliver Glasner.