Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica Prediction – Liga NOS – 05/19

Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica prediction on May 19, 2021. Vitoria Guimaraes is playing at their home ground in the next round of Liga NOS 2020/21, with what they have shown, perhaps their goal is just to finish the season as quickly as possible without caring. Focus too much on achievement. So it is very likely that it will cause Vitoria Guimaraes to lose the battle when welcoming SL Benfica.

Vitoria Guimaraes Overview

Vitoria Guimaraes seems to have realized early on that their strength and ability are inferior to the opponents above, so when they played very explosively at the beginning of the season and had certain points, they were gradually losing ground showed no longer enough determination in their appearances. 

It can even be said that the main achievement that Vitoria Guimaraes has recently is losing instead of winning or at least drawing. Vitoria Guimaraes’s strikers, in general, are not necessarily unable to bring about goals, but their inherent problem is that their defense is too weak and concedes too easily.

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Benfica Overview

SL Benfica continues to fail in the race to win the championship in Liga NOS. Even for most of the season, SL Benfica was not even considered a rival to Sporting CP in the race to the throne, because they only regularly ranked in 3rd place. 

Not to mention with approx. 4 points away when Liga NOS only has 2 rounds left, it is almost certain that SL Benfica will have to accept a ticket to attend the C2 arena. SL Benfica is playing quite explosively with the spirit of “all or nothing”, so the number of goals in their matches is always high.


Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica prediction

Benfica since the sale of Ruben Dias has not been able to compete for the championship title. However, they are still in the group that will be able to attend the European Cup next season. Benfica just won 3-1 against CD Nacional in the previous round. They are still unbeaten with 4 wins in the last 5 rounds. The performance of the away team is still highly appreciated.

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Benfica after the last 32 rounds in the Portuguese league currently has 70 points and ranks TOP 3 on the rankings. They are still one of the strongest “three giants” of the tournament and have a superior level of Vitoria Guimaraes. It will not be surprising that in this match, Benfica is still expected to win with a difference of 2 goals right on the opponent’s field.

Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica Prediction

  • Choose Benfica (HT)
  • Choose Benfica (FT)

European Bet

10 encounters in the history of the confrontation between the 2 clubs: Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica: Vitoria Guimaraes has never won against an opponent, Benfica completely overwhelmed with an unbeaten record with 7 victories. Confirming the level of the away team is superior to the home team. So in this match, although Vitoria Guimaraes has the home-field advantage, the performance is not high.

Choose Benfica (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica prediction

In the last 7 confrontations between Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica, all 7 matches had only 2 goals or less. Although Benfica is a team with a strong attack, it is disadvantageous to be a guest. Meanwhile, Vitoria Guimaraes is also a strong team that is not easily defeated.

Vitoria Guimaraes vs Benfica Prediction:

  • Choose Under (HT)
  • Choose Under (FT)


Vitoria Guimaraes: Tapsoba, Rochinha, Jesus, Garcia, Hanin, Pedrao, Sacko, Edwards, Evangelista, Rodrigues, Almeida

SL Benfica: Gilberto, Everton, Pizzi, Leite, Grimaldo, Vertonghen, Lucas Verissimo, Gabriel, Silva, Waldschmidt, Seferovic