If you are a follower of online betting, you cannot ignore Vwin, one of Asia’s leading betting houses. This is a brand that operates legally, with bonuses, transparent odds. Invite you to find out.



1.1 Vwin – Asia’s youngest bookie


Vwin is a very new online bookmaker on the market, officially licensed on January 17, 2017, a member of Wilshire Worldwide Company Limited (BVI Group with business license 1895191) operating under license and under the management of Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) for the safe, legal online entertainment, betting service industry of the Philippines.


Notably, Vwin is the partner in the Asian market of AC Milan’s Serie A club since the beginning of 2018, a year earlier, when it came into operation is another big name of the Seria A tournament. – Club Juventus.


Can a new dealer satisfy the fastidious customers of the online betting and entertainment market? Does Vwin fit your needs? Please refer to the detail of this online bookmaker review below.


1.2 The strong point of the house Vwin


  • User-friendly interface, can be installed on the phone.


  • Affordability, cooperation with many big clubs.


  • Diverse gameplay, recharge and withdraw money easily.


  • Promotions and attractive odds.


  • 24/7 online support.


  • Good customer information security.


1.3 The betting house is experienced and prestigious


Vwin is an online betting website of Wilshire Worldwide Company Limited (BVI Group). Operating since 2013, Vwin online bookmaker was officially licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation to operate Offshore Gaming License 16-0031 in December 2016.


With a strong financial potential, in the 2016-2018 season, Vwin became an official sponsor of the Juventus club, currently being the home of many of the world’s top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Douglas Costa, Juan Cuadrado, Luca Pellegrini, Gianluigi Buffon.


Overcoming success, in the 2017-2020 season, this betting house continued to cooperate and sponsor another Seria A team, AC Milan. Continuing to sign valuable contracts to bring this online bookmaker in brand to the position of the leading bookmaker in Asia and reach out to Europe.


Vwin business license


2. What is the reason to choose the Vwin house?


Although it has only been in operation since the beginning of 2017, Vwin has had a certain number of users and gained its own position in the market of betting sites and bookmakers. Like many bookmakers, one of the ways to promote his name to the sports lovers of Vwin is to sign cooperation contracts, sponsor shirts for big teams and two names that Vwin cooperation for more than 1 year of operation is 2 of the most famous teams of the Seria A – AC Milan and Juventus. This contributes significantly to the rapid development of the brand’s betting house.



2.1 Diverse types of games


Coming to this online bookmaker, you can enjoy entertainment with many impressive games such as:


  • WV sports: you can participate in betting with high win rates for players like football, basketball, tennis, e-sports, ice hockey, baseball, volleyball, rugby, Australian football, futsal ball, handball.



  • i-Sports: you can watch football, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey or top-notch E-sports performances online. The online bookmaker will provide you with enough odds to make it easy to join.


  • Online casino: if you are a fan of casinos, you should not ignore Vwin’s online casino online bookmaker feature. Here offers a variety of card games such as Blackjack, Poker, Sicbo Sic Bo, Roulette, … Especially, players will meet dealers who deal glamorous, beautiful and many opponents from around the world. gender.


  • Slot games: There are many titles available. You can download the game to your computer or play online on the system.


  • Lottery: besides lottery in Vietnam, you can bet on lottery in many countries around the world with attractive odds and prizes.

2.2 Experience Vwin on mobile devices


They win has apps for Android and iOS. On the app, users can bet, use services, play online Casino, Keno and mini games, send / withdraw money.


In addition to high compatibility when most devices today (running on Android or iOS), the use of the application allows users to use their services quickly and safely, anytime anywhere with an Internet connection.


The app, as well as the website, supports multiple languages ​​(Vietnamese, Chinese, English and Thai), for users to switch when needed.

There is also a mobile web (WAP) version for other devices where the application cannot be installed.


2.3 Attractive promotion for players


With the goal of being customer-centered, Vwin always offers great promotions for players:


  • When you are a new member, you will receive some bonuses as an initial fee to join.


  • They also offer first-time deposit bonus of 100% bonus up to $300.



  • For old players, Vwin has many promotions to pay tribute to customers and return bonuses during your betting process.


  • Especially, the more you deposit, the more you have the opportunity to become VIP customers with many attractive benefits and bonuses.


2. 4 24/7 customer service


Whenever you have a question, you will receive support soonest. You can contact customer care by email, online chat, Zalo, Viber.


2.5 Information security

The Vwin online bookmaker always ensures that the personal information of customers is secure, not disclosed to third parties. Especially, information relating to deposit and withdrawal transactions are encrypted with technology. SSL to ensure safety.


3. Deposit method at Vwin

3.1 How to deposit money


Vwin is currently supporting to recharge via major banks accounts. You need to proceed with the following steps:


  1. Step 1: Go to “Fund management”.


  1. Step 2: Fill out personal information (if you deposit money for the first time).


  1. Step 3: Select the bank you use internet banking.


  1. Step 4: Enter the amount you want to deposit into your account and perform the remaining money transfer operations via: ATM, internet banking or directly at the bank.



3.1 How to withdraw money


The process of withdrawing money is very simple with the following steps:


  • Step 1: Go to “Fund Withdrawal”.


  • Step 2: Create a password (if it is the first time you withdraw money). The password is from 8 to 16 characters long and requires both letters and numbers. The withdrawal password must be different from the system login password. You need to remember this password for future transactions.


  • Step 3: Enter the information requested by Vwin. After 2 hours, the system will process your payment.


4. Opinions of Vwin users


Although it is a new betting house, they also have a certain number of users. Please refer to what people who have used this online bookmaker win say about this betting house:


“What’s new, especially the new online casino, will have limitations, small and small, but many points will affect the page. Still hope Vwin will continue to get better in the near future as the customer feedback stage.”


Tuan Anh, ⅗ Star (29, Binh Thuan, Vietnam)


“Vwin himself played through the recommendation of friends, has been used for a long time so regardless of use. Vwin’s VIP program is a bit messy but also has advantages, if you aim to play long with Vwin, you should aim for high VIP milestones.”


Dai Fong (34, Beijing, China)


“I used Vwin right from the first days when this house came into operation in Asia, then the Vietnamese version. Vwin’s quality goes up day by day. At first many places did not equal the English page but gradually improved.”


Charathon Tharn (31, Thailand)


5. Conclusion 

Being a betting house with a few years of operation does not mean that its quality is low. Vwin is currently on the list of the best quality online bookmakers in Asia and many other prestigious voting sites.


Although that ranking is not high, with a market with a large number of operating betting houses and with a betting house has only been in operation for 2 years, it is a remarkable achievement.


Overall, it is a quality dealer that is worth your trust. Vwin’s current ranking reflects what this betting house is showing right now, believing it will improve in the future if they continue to invest in improving the quality of all face of my page.


With its outstanding advantages, the online bookmaker deserves to be one of the betting houses you should invest to unleash your predictions.