W88 – Is W88 Betting Site Reliable?

W88 is one of the largest betting companies in Asia. With the professional operation, friendly interface, easy recharging, quick withdrawals, W88 is very popular with gamblers. We will summarize all the information you need to know for you are considering joining this house.

W88 - Is W88 Betting Site Reliable?

1. Introduction W88 Background

W88 is the leading online sportsbook & sports bookmaker in Asia. Operated by MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD; based in the city MAKATI – capital of the gambling industry of the Philippines.

W88 is increasingly proving the growth in the online betting market today, W88 will give you a more detailed view of this bookmaker through the analysis below.

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W88 one of the top bookmakers has made a big breakthrough in applying the most advanced and modern technology applications; Gives users the best products.

Being an online betting company licensed to operate by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation itself, The website is increasingly proving itself to be a formidable competitor to other strong brands. Known for its wide range of services from sports betting to attractive casino games. In particular, W88 is known for leading players to provide online casino and lottery betting systems like Keno; Ilotto is in the entertainment industry playing real money.

2. Is W88 reputable?

If it was a bookmaking house, taking pictures, W88 could not be famous and crowded as it is today.

W88 - Is W88 Betting Site Reliable?

W88 proudly to be the partner with AVFC, the Premier league

However, if you are a researcher, you can look at the following points to evaluate the reputation of this house:

  • Possessing an online betting license from PAGCOR (belonging to the Philippine government) – the standard of a big bookmaker in Asia.
  • Has been operating for a long time, over 5 years in Asian markets (since 2013).
  • Reputation, good payment history, no real scandal.
  • Cooperation with famous football clubs in England: Leicester City FC, Aston Villa FC.
  • Brand ambassador Emile Heskey – former England player and Liverpool club.
  • Products and games from world-renowned vendors: Gameplay Interactive, Playtech, GGNetwork …

In general, you can be assured that W88 is one of Asia’s leading prestigious bookmakers.

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However, because it is so famous, this house is now quite fake. So please note that only use the link on W88 above to avoid having to go to “fake” pages.

3. Why Should Choose The Betting Site W88

Although appearing after other bookmakers, this is also the advantage of bringing a new wind, new technology, and more attentive customer care for Vietnam’s online betting market, according to statistics. By the time of this writing, W88 has risen to be the most searched house on Google.

1. W88 Diverse Sports Department Sports Betting

  • In addition to the basic odds such as European, Asian, sports and sports; W88 also offers other attractive odds such as handicap, parlay, Over / Under, Odd / Even and many other bets in the match
  • In addition, the type of sports is also extremely diverse with many subjects such as virtual football, horse racing, tennis … to meet the interests of different players. Sports betting system currently has over 300 different tournaments, spoiled for participants to choose.
W88 - Is W88 Betting Site Reliable?
W88 Products

2. Top Online Casino At W88

W88 has applied a variety of online casino game distribution systems such as Playtech or gameplay. Although there are many online bookmakers offering online casinos in many markets, the bookies still stand out and receive a lot of attention from players.

Contributing to this success is the diversity in online casino games such as Poker; Baccarat; Blackjack; Keno; Sicbo … Also very attractive rewards. Especially with a trial version helps players easily get acquainted with the type of game before joining. Some popular games at today:

  • Poker: Use a deck of 52 cards and each player will be dealt their own cards. Then the table will show the community cards; Depending on the strength and intention of the player that arranges cards. At the end of the last round, the remaining players will face up to determine the winner. With attractive gameplay; Poker attracts many players.
  • Baccarat: Baccarat is a game of fighting because the one with the bigger score wins. Baccarat rules are relatively complicated but highly appreciated by players for fairness and attract players.
  • Blackjack: Blackjack game has a similar gameplay to blackjack in Vietnam. The objective of this game is to get a higher score than the house but do not exceed 21 points. The variety of card handling decisions has attracted a large number of players to join the Blackjack card game.

3. Payment Methods & Refunds At W88

  • The outstanding advantage that the W88 attracts players again is the diverse payment methods; fast. User support can send; withdraw money at most big banks.
  •  Especially payment support is used quite a lot of money electronic wallet.
  • W88 will refund 100% of your previous deposit if there is an unreasonable loss of money such as personal information, stk .. You can withdraw money here as soon as you have reached the number of betting rounds according to the terms. sue the rules of this house

4. Support diverse bank payment

  • Recharge very quickly and easily, the time it takes to account money only 5 minutes. You can refer to: Instructions to deposit money into W88 100% successful.
  • Withdrawing money is also very simple. It only takes about 30 minutes after entering the withdrawal order; The money is already in your account. You can also know more details through the article: Instruction for W88 cash withdrawal.

5. Continuous Sales Promotion

There are many promotion options ranging from 20% to 100% for all new W88 players. Even the highest bonus value can be up to $200. Always give players great promotions according to sporting events; Free tournaments have different real values. Members who participate actively at the house of W88 also enjoy some attractive benefits with VIP CLUB card.

Promotions Updated Regularly
Promotions Updated Regularly

6. Convenient Interface and Application

W88’s web interface is highly rated by experts. The website has simple and clear configuration in items, user-friendly interface; You will not need to spend a lot of time getting used to the website interface. All you need is to visit and select the one you want to play.

W88 Mobile Version
W88 Mobile Version

7. The Support Team 24/24

Technical staff always maintains the server operating in the most stable way; Limiting errors occur. Along with upgrading the absolute security of the website; user information; W88 is also one of the few bookmakers who have added applications on smartphones with a variety of operating systems from iOS to Android; Window Phone.

4. Limitations

  • The registration procedure needs to be 100% accurate about customer information.
  • Each member can only register to create one W88 account.
  • The interface is a bit dark.


With a high reputation, quick support for users; Thousands of people join W88 every day. That is why it has been recognized by Gaming Associates (the world gambling rating organization) as the house with the most long-lasting and thriving player density in Asia. So why hesitate any longer but don’t join now!

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