• The origin of such a rumor of W88
  • The main reasons leading to UNDERSTANDING  W88 scam players online
  • Players need to follow the rules of the bookies
  • From the above story, betting players should note
  • Conclude

Rumors on social networks, recently W88 scams are being the topic on forums, betting forums and even on social networks Facebook. Especially football betting people are interested because the W88 dealer is the number one prestigious house always present at the top of the rankings of one of the most prestigious bookies in the betting world.

If anyone who loves football betting or online gambling knows the name W88. Therefore, Top10betting will show everyone who is interested and wants to find out the real damage and w88 true identity, so they can know and avoid confusion later.

The origin of such a rumor of W88

One player with the nick facebook is Kaka on the fan page of the W88 betting site, accusing the  W88 scam of cheating the player for winning more than 100 million and not paying.

Kaka complained about all the posts of this bookie. So anyone who likes the fan page will see it. Not stopping there, this player also posted on all of the big football betting bookies on Facebook pages such as M88, 188bet, Fun88, 12bet  and even posted on many betting forums, telephone conversation.

In general, Kaka has caused a stir in public opinion and spread the bad reputation throughout the betting world.

Actually, Kaka is quite aggressive when talking to W88 staff who acknowledged that complaint and was very persistent to solve the problem with this player.

The story is that this player played Baccarat scratching at the Palazzo club of W88, Kaka first deposited and lost, then the player paid an additional amount of money in

Play always in the night and win an account of considerable gains, then make a withdrawal order and rest assured sleep.

In the afternoon of puberty, the money in the account had not been transferred, so he contacted the W88 to ask why he had withdrawn money even after 10 o’clock but still has not received the money.

To prove that the W88 dealer said that he deposited money through a 3rd party account, not his official bank account, so the W88 payment department was postponing the withdrawal order and checking more. 

To make it easier for you to imagine that this guy was insisting that W88 scam, he wrote on Facebook, on the forum, he only said the house would not pay but did not specify what the cause was. 

The main reasons leading to UNDERSTANDING W88 bookmakers scam players online

After calling the hotline, although explained carefully, the reason for not being able to withdraw money is due to the use of a 3rd party bank account other than the player’s account information. W88 counselors also require players to provide account information, identification documents, and bank account statements that have transferred money to verify the information and make the best handling measures.

However, despite the effort and courtesy of your supporters, the player is still angry and has bad words about the W88 house. Bearing that mood, players have expressed frustration on social networks and thematic forums that make many people worried about the reputation of W88.

In the end, this player also provided the requested information and successfully withdrew the money. With the clever, flexible handling of W88, the owner expressed his thanks to W88 and shared the truth with the online community.

Players need to follow the rules of the bookies

Each bookie requires different rules and policies, Players need to be understandable of these instructions prior to making any further confusions. 

Many professional people who come here, probably understand the problem. All bookmakers will not accept money and withdraw money via a third person.

For example, your name is David A, register an account at W88 is also the same name, but when making a deposit, payment through a bank account named David  B is not accepted.

Maybe this player is a dreamer or wants to trick the house.

From the above story, betting players should note:

  • Read carefully and follow the GUIDE FOR REGISTERING ONLINE ACCOUNT AT W88. In particular, pay special attention, player account information must be matched completely with your bank account information to be able to send and withdraw money quickly and safely from W88. For security and systematic reasons, if transferring and withdrawing money from another bank with the player account information, W88 will temporarily suspend the transaction order to verify the information.

  • Deposit operation must be done in accordance with the instructions for depositing money into W88 to play online betting and HOW TO WITHDRAW QUICKLY FROM W88 ON THE BANK ACCOUNT.

  • When you have any questions or difficulties, immediately contact CHAT ONLINE for timely help, to avoid losing money and buying yourself.


W88 has remained on the list of reputable bookmakers for a long time partly proving that they work quite reputable and transparent. If it really is a fraud, then the bettors have boycotted them a long time. Therefore, the chances of this  W88 scam being scammed are very low. 

In a nutshell, the  W88 scam incident is because the player has not yet thoroughly investigated the issue, which has reported the w88 dealer. We hope that through this story as well as this article, you can gain more experience and thoroughly understand the problem before you want to denounce someone. Therefore, you can also be completely assured because this incident is only a fictional fiction.

Hopefully, you always keep awake to play safe and gain desire benefits.

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