Want A Strong Squad, Which Player Should Buy In Fifa Online 3?

Fifa Online is known as the most popular sports game in Asia. Although it is only a game, players also need to speculate, weigh a lot and have quick thinking to win.

So learning information about the players in the game is an important step to success. Have you ever wondered which player should buy in Fifa Online 3 just delicious and cheap to play effectively?

Ronaldo U10- Players should buy in Fifa online 3

If you are looking to own an effective winger. Naturally, the name that cannot be ignored is Ronaldo. Up to the present time, Ronaldo U10 has a dribbling skill of up to 9x. Therefore, considering buying Ronaldo will bring many advantages to your squad.

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However, you should remember that the superiority of a player appears over time. And at the present time, the best wing is still Ronaldo U10. Although the test parameters are on par with WC14.

But in this Fifa Online version, he has information on the passing index, ball retention and incredible acceleration.

Right now the price of U10 is relatively cheap. Compared to WC14 3 times, buying U10 will save you money. According to speculations, this will be a cheap player in the future, but play very well!

Want A Strong Squad, Which Player Should Buy In Fifa Online 3

Aubameyang WC14

This is a player who is super fast. If you are wondering what player to buy in Fifa Online 3 with good speed, you can consider Aubameyang WC14. The reason this is a name is not very strange to you gamers, right?

The reason why Aubameyang WC14 was selected as one of the fastest players in Fifa Online 3 is due to its height. And his physical strength is impeccable.

Therefore, if you have to confront the opponent’s defenders. Nothing will cause difficulties for this guy.

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Not only that, but his advantages are also long and accurate passes. This would also be a good fit for long play tactics. But according to the tactics that you aim to be able to choose the right players.

Luis Suarez 14T

In football, each position has different roles and performs different tasks. The main goal is to support teammates and improve scoring ability. Bring victory to your team.

And of course, the indispensable position is the striker. But if you’re playing a sports football game and wondering which player to buy in Fifa Online 3?

If you are looking for a striker for your team, the answer is Luis Suarez 14T.

At the present time, if watching football world. Surely you can not help but know the name, Suarez. He is currently playing for the Barca club. And in the game, the image he created was no less bad.

In Fifa Online 3, he has been buffed with extra strength and stats. However, not only that thanks to the playing style mentioned such as goalscoring tree, penalty specialist, cannon, lightning, … It was possible to expose a player playing extremely diverse.

However, you also need to consider and not use too much. Because Suarez’s power is only used within 80 minutes only. If you try too hard, you will not be able to play the ball like you used to.

Want A Strong Squad, Which Player Should Buy In Fifa Online 3

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 16EC

When mentioning Ibra, whether in the game or in real life, they also make a strong impression on fans. Not just a simple player is an extremely arrogant player.

Ibra also proved that strength is not ordinary. This leaves no words for his words or rumors.

In considering which strikers a player should buy in Fifa Online 3. Ibra 16EC is an indispensable name. Not just having physical strength. He also owns techniques rated up to 4 stars.

Not only that, everyone knows that this guy’s height is not to be underestimated. In his video game, he has a height of up to 1m95. It is almost like a sky club that makes headers much more accurate and effective.

In addition, the ability to score goals from corner kicks or cross passes is also not lacking. So why hesitate without owning this squad of this great player?


With information about the players in Fifa Online 3 just played effectively. There are excellent specifications at a relatively stable price provided by us. You’ve probably already considered your squad so which player should you buy?

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