Werder Bremen Vs Eintracht Frankfurt Prediction – 18h30 On 6/3

Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt prediction, 18h30 on 6/3, compensate round 24 Bundesliga 2019/20. Predict, match Bremen against Frankfurt exactly.

Werder Bremen Vs Eintracht Frankfurt Prediction

Soccer judgment Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt

According to Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt prediction, Werder Bremen is also stabilizing in terms of results recently. Entering the next match, Werder Bremen also has the advantage of the Weserstadion home field.

Werder Bremen is showing strong determination for relegation to succeed in the Bundesliga this season. Looking at the last 5 rounds, Werder Bremen only got 1 defeat against Leverkusen. On the contrary, they give themselves 2 victories and 2 draws. Thanks to this encouraging result, Florian Kohfeldt and the students were only 4 points behind the safe position.

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Like Werder Bremen, Eintracht Frankfurt is also performing better recently. Although they lost 3 of the last 5 matches, Red Eagles are in a series of 2 unbeaten consecutive. Specifically, Frankfurt had a 3-3 draw against Freiburg and defeated Wolfsburg 2-1 in round 29.

Continuing to win valuable points, Frankfurt created a 5-point gap with the play-off position. Not only that, but the recent victory over Frankfurt’s Wolfsburg Blue has also helped players to eat money. In this match, Frankfurt is on the lower door and is accepted half a table.

The first leg of this season, Bremen drew Frankfurt with a score of 2-2. In March, Frankfurt eliminated Bremen from the German Cup. However, in the last 5 confrontations between the two teams, Bremen still prevailed with 2 victories and Frankfurt won only 1 match.

Asian Handicap: 1.00 * 0 * 0.93 

In the 24th Bundesliga, the Eintracht Frankfurt players will make a trip to the pitch of the penultimate team on Werder Bremen. While the home side are determined to get rid of the red light group, the visitors are not safe for the rest of the season.

The home team Werder Bremen has just won 1-0 right on the field of Schalke 04, thereby getting the 2nd victory in the last 3 rounds. Currently, the coach and coach Florian Kohfeldt is still standing at the penultimate table with only 25 points after 28 matches, including 6 wins, 7 draws and 15 losses. The distance to the safety team is only 3 points and if they win against Eintracht Frankfurt in this match they can completely compete with a relegation ticket. In the last two seasons at the Weser Stadium, Werder Bremen did not lose to the opponent.

On the other side of the battle line, followed Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt prediction,  Eintracht Frankfurt ended a series of 6 matches in a row and lost with a 2-1 victory right on the Wolfsburg pitch. Thereby, the army of Coach Adi Hütter has achieved the 32nd score and reached 12th place in the rankings. However, the visitors were still not safe, only 5 points away from the group holding the red light. Meeting Werder Bremen, who are thirsty for points, will be a difficult match for Eintracht Frankfurt. 

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Werder Bremen Vs Eintracht Frankfurt Prediction

The home deal for this match is 0 balanced for both teams. With this ratio, the player who is betting on the soccer ball should book the door for the home team, there will be more chances to win because of the possibility that they will win the match in this match.

Over / Under odds: 1.00 * 2.5-3 * 0.90

The owner of Werder Bremen has only 30 goals in 28 rounds of the season, but they have conceded 59 times. Meanwhile, Eintracht Frankfurt has done well. a lot more with 46 goals but also conceded 53 goals. It is likely that this match will have many goals scored from both teams. Therefore, with a total of 2.5-3 goals Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt prediction, the player should choose the Over, there will be more chances of winning.

First half odds: 0.98 * 0 * 0.92 – Werder Bremen vs Eintracht Frankfurt

In the first 45 minutes, Werder Bremen with home advantage but will be determined to attack to find victory. Most likely, the home team’s strikers will bring the goal open before the break. With the first half being 0 balanced for both teams, the player should book the door for them, there will be more chances of winning.