What factors help the bookmakers give their odds?

Currently, in the world, the number of prestigious online football betting sites is growing like mushrooms, along with the development of countless types of bets (Asian, European, Total Goal Over-Under), parity, etc. for us to choose. So have you ever wondered what the bookmakers of odds are like? Join us immediately refer to the article below with Happyluke!

What factors help the bookmakers give their odds

1. What are the bookmakers offering odds?

The bookmakers make their bets based on a lot of information related to the two teams facing each other. Some key information is as follows:

  • Regarding the professional quality of each player of the two teams, compare and evaluate each position on the field. Besides, also consider factors such as injured players, suspended players etc. In short, this is the most important information for the bookmakers.
  • About the performance of the 2 teams at the time of the handicap and odds.
  • About which home team, which team away. How far is the travel route of the away team?
  • About the score as well as the rankings of the two teams.
  • About the famous teams with many fans (according to the psychology of the majority of these teams).
  • About the weather
  • About the achievement of confrontation between the two teams.
  • About the coach will put the team on the pitch like? Usually, this information is only known before the 30 ′ match so the home market will change constantly at this time.

The above information Happyluke will update very accurately through a very sophisticated technical network, of course, they know a lot more information than us. So the percentage of doors on the rafters or the lower doors on the rafters is not much different, it can be said to be 50-50.

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2. When are the odds made?

The bookmakers will initially start a deal early, can be 3, 4 days and rely on the above information to make the initial contract. From the time of rafting to closing (usually before 2 ′ when the game starts).

The original market will be changed continuously from time to time when the number of people betting on bets.

  • If the odds on the door are high then the odds will reduce the ration for the top door
  • if the number of people betting on the bet continues to flow, the odds will change, eg from 0.5 left to 0.5 + 1 handicap. left.
  • Conversely, if many people choose the lower door, the rafters will reduce the food for the lower door and may change the rafters, eg from 0.5 left to 0 + 0.5 left.

Usually, there are markets that change very little in price compared to the original odds. Sometimes we will see its price increase but decrease slightly. In this case, the house will be profitable (in terms of the return) because the number of people hitting the top door is almost equal to the number of people hitting the lower door.

3. Running or Jalan odds

The deal (running or Jalan) of the bookmakers according to the time the game is taking place (only applies to photo matches, live), with a team of information experts, they track the progress of the match The match will create a rafter and balance the bet to decide to change the price.

But there is an immutable rule that the price for the contract will decrease over time and Total Goal Over also decreases over time if no score. When they have the ratio, only after 1 to 2 ′ they set up a handicap for the new time.

To serve the betting players, the bookmakers must set up a very sophisticated website, must have high safety and reliability. There are also technical teams, information processing teams, service teams … The cost of serving is not small at the same time paying taxes to the authorities. To maintain long-term maintenance, the betting house must be profitable.

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4. What is the profit of the bookmaker?

  • Bank interest on the total sum of all accounts of the betting participant. You do not underestimate this account because it can be said that it is a huge and intangible profit that every 1 member when betting is not aware.
  • Earn the difference between the sum of the top and bottom doors after balancing.
  • Lucky factor in betting: if a player happens to hit the 1-door and the house wins, then the house will be hole but not much because the price will increase according to the trend of hitting the 1-door. Conversely, if the player loses, the house wins big.

5. Happyluke – Let’s play “Happy”

1. HappyLuke sports betting – trend trends

The flow of world sports can be said to be endless, with the tournament system taking place all year. If the season is the annual event such as:

  • the top European, Asian and American football competitions
  •  Roland Garros systems of tennis, the American NBA professional basketball tournaments
  • a variety of sports In other sports, 3 months of summer is also not a leisurely time for the house.
  • Non-annual tournaments such as Euro, World Cup, Olympic … bring more interesting betting options for investors.

With HappyLuke sports betting, young people who love sports in general and football, in particular, can freely book and see odds at all times.

What factors help the bookmakers give their odds
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2. Promotions

Sports betting games are also a great option you should try when going to the bookmakers online. Including the hottest sports games of the time. You can choose any game you like from football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, badminton, tennis.

What factors help the bookmakers give their odds
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3. Mobility

What factors help the bookmakers give their odds
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6. Summary

With experience from parent company VeraJohn operating over 4 years in the industry plus the development of technology from one of the most developed countries in the world, HappyLuke sports betting is one of the few bookmakers and competitive odds who dare bring your brand and reputation to ensure the security of personal information for customers.

Overall, HappyLuke has adhered to its motto HAPPY, which is always bring comfort, fun, and relaxation when playing online betting for players. Along with that is the word LUKE – luck, an indispensable element in this smokeless industry.

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