What Is A Dealer (Croupier)? What Is The Life Of A Dealer Like?

If you’ve ever been to the Casino, you’ve probably heard of the word Dealer? In the casino, we often hear the call “Share cards good luck for me”, “carefully shuffle all over me”, “exchange you 30 Chips” … So what is the Dealer (Croupier)? You know yet?

What is a Dealer (Croupier)?

Dealer (Croupier) is a person appointed to assist on the table at the Casino, their main task is to deal and liquidate the players. 

What Is A Dealer (Croupier)? What Is The Life Of A Dealer Like?

Where did the name Dealer (Croupier) come from?

The origin of the word “Croupier” means a person behind the gamblers with the mission behind supporting money for gamblers. Later, Croupier was used to referring to those hired to collect money from gambling tables.

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“Dealer” means that a person is responsible for dealing cards or in some games the player may act as a dealer but it is not necessarily the deal card.

Roles and responsibilities of a Dealer (Croupier)

The role of the Dealer (Croupier) can be said to operate the game smoothly, interact with the player and try to make the customer happy thereby bringing the best value to his casino.

In addition, Dealers will often act as the dealer for people and make liquidity for players as well as Dealers will be instructing new players how to play games such as Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps …

Dealer’s Responsibility on the table: It is the dealer who needs to use his hand skills skillfully because they are responsible and trained to use hand gestures to distract the player.

The dealer is responsible for verifying the customer’s bet amount, monitoring the match, making the correct decision to win or lose. Some Dealers equipped with radios are responsible for communicating with the casinos in the following cases:

The statementPurpose
“Floor” or “Decision”Call management to resolve customer disputes.
“Seat Open”Notice to the other department that the player has left and now the seat can accept new players.
“Player in”Inform the relevant department that the seat is filled.
“Player checks”Ask the support staff to bring the chips to the player.
“Fill”Requires staff to fill up the tray for chips with different denominations from lowest to highest, especially in cases where the tray runs out of chips but the game is still going on.
“Set up”Ask the support staff to change new decks on the board.
“Pick up”In some cases where the game is liquidated in cash instead of chips, the staff must come and pick up the chips of the previous players off the table so that the player can start playing.
“Playerover box”Notice to the lobby that a new player has been replaced for an absent player, so ask the staff to assist in detaching the old player’s chips so that they will not be confused with the new player’s chips.
“Winner”Notice that the game is complete and the prize money has been awarded to the winner.
“Brush”Require staff to solve problems related to how to join the game such as The game is malfunctioning, resulting in an insufficient number of players.
“Service” and “Cocktail”Notice that customers want to order food or drink.

Good and bad things become a Dealer (Croupier)


– Good salary, good tips

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– Promotion and promotion opportunities in the industry

– Free casino uniform and food

– Relatively good welfare Travel opportunities around the world


– Dealers have to work shifts so it’s easy to get sleep disorders

– Starting salary will be low but then will increase rapidly

– Repeated work can be frustrating

– There is no chance of social exposure much

What is the salary and benefits of a Dealer (Croupier)?

According to the survey, the salary of foreign dealers (calculated in Asia), their salary will be based on the following experience:

  • 0-5 years of experience: $ 32,229 (1 year)
  • 5-10 years experience: $ 42,590 (1 year)
  • 10-20 + years of experience: $ 49,036 (1 year)

Some of the benefits that Dealer (Croupier) can enjoy include Holidays, Bonuses, Tipping, the opportunity to meet many important people, people of high social class …

Minimum qualifications and skills required

We have surveyed, gathered quite a lot of information about the minimum qualification required for a Dealer (Croupier). We realize that it is easier to become a Basic Dealer if you want to become a Basic Dealer but it will be more difficult than you think!

Typically, casinos will only require staff qualifications: High school or lower depending on the casino rules. However, there will be many top casinos in the world they will have their rigorous standards. Generally, they will not ask for many words of employee qualifications.

Instead of requiring a degree, they will test and train Delear to become an expert in the field of Casino, the basic skills required for a Dealer include:

  • Ability to calculate basic arithmetic
  • The ability to learn fast, flexible
  • Foreign language ability
  • Decision-making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Thinking skill
  • Time management skills

The difference comes from a professional dealer

Through the introduction above, you can probably imagine what a Dealer (Croupier) is like, but do you ever have a professional Dealer look like?

To become a professional dealer, you must go through rigorous examinations through which you can demonstrate the qualities and skills required of a professional dealer.

What Is A Dealer (Croupier)? What Is The Life Of A Dealer Like?


Extroverted, professional


Casino policy

State policies are required to follow in order for a Casino to operate.

Casino Rules

Rules and rules of each game in the Casino.

Play the game responsibly

Guidance and help for those who experience gambling

Skills / titles:

Professional ethics

Follow professional ethical rules for gambling, betting and lottery. Do not commit bad acts solely for personal gain.

Ensure the game is running smoothly

Handling situations, problems, disputes, complaints at the casino to ensure the game is maintained and operated in the best way.

Train new Dealers to enter the industry

Teach them the necessary skills, basic knowledge of the game, job descriptions and introduce the casino to these newcomers.

Attracting players

Get as many casinos as possible and join them.

Focus on service

Demonstrate an enthusiastic attitude, helping customers anytime, anywhere.

Make sure the bet is properly distributed

The Dealer is responsible for monitoring and dividing the stake according to the rules and procedures of each different game.

Look after

Always show your face whenever you can: From smiles to uniforms on the go, to make sure everything is in the best condition. Giving customers the best image because you represent the Casino.

Good communication skill

Clearly define what the desired needs of the customer are from then ask the appropriate questions and listen proactively and positively to connect with customers holistically.

Gentle & polite behavior

Be polite, professional, and treat people well.

Ensuring security in the playroom

Dealers must follow the rules and regulations as well as have the responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers at the highest level so that they can be assured to experience products and services.


To sum up, just like the other trades that Dealer has, there are also interesting and at the same time, its shortcomings. Hope this article will help you understand what a Dealer (Croupier) is? And how their daily life.

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