What is Letou VIP and conditions to become a VIP player?

Letou is an Asian bookmaker brand that was established in 2004 and licensed to operate online casinos and betting since 2008 by the Philippine government agency with the official websites.

Letou is currently present in many different countries and is the main sponsor for the Swansea City Club in the English Premier League season 2017/2018.

When you go to an online dealer, there will be loads of information related to benefits and incentives for players. In which  Letou VIP is what is a problem a lot of players interested in.

If you want to find out carefully about this issue. Please take 5 minutes to read the following article!

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1. What is Letou VIP?

The simplest explanation,  Letou VIP is the VIP club. It brings together long-term players, experienced or giants. With more benefits, upgrades than regular players.

What is Letou VIP and conditions to become a VIP player

Thus, players in the VIP lounge of the house will have a better experience, modern and more dedicated service. So when you want to become a   Letou VIP member of the Letou house. Please refer to all the thorough information about it!

2. Conditions for joining Letou VIP

To join the Letou VIP promotion program. Players need to meet some conditions such as:

Is being a VIP member at Letou difficult?

In my opinion, it is not complicated to become a VIP member at the Letou house, as long as you meet some of the house’s criteria.

I myself have also joined the VIP club of the Letou house. Of course, at this time I will enjoy many privileges that give priority to VIP members at Letou already. This is the experience I have learned when participating in some online bookmakers, you just become a Letou VIP member, you will be more favored than regular members.

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2.1 Prove you are a VIP member of another Website

If you are a VIP member of the other betting house. You will have the right to become a VIP member of Letou. Just a picture to prove you are a VIP member of the other house.

2.2 VIP status image

Photos of VIP status, full name of account holder. This is the information for the house to confirm the VIP status you currently own. Should pay attention to complete it, details and images are sharp enough!

2.3 Other information (if applicable)

Deposit pictures, bet turnover within 2 weeks – 3 most recent months. This information is required, requiring all members to perform properly and sufficiently. Or any other information proving you are a VIP member.

VIP status at the Letou house will have many different levels. Depending on the level, players will enjoy different benefits. In which Letou VIP members will receive incentives 2 consecutive months. It is also possible to comment on approval for a VIP promotion in the future.

4. Level of VIP

Depending on the time of the promotion event, if you meet the requirements, you will definitely become a Letou VIP:

  • Regular members: After you have just created your account and made your first deposit
  • Bronze members: Every month, deposit at least $5.
  • Silver members: Every month, deposit at least $25 or monthly turnover of at least $500
  • Gold members: Every month, deposit at least $100 or monthly turnover of at least up to $1000.
  • Platinum members: Every month, the member must deposit at least $300 or the monthly turnover of at least $2000.
  • Diamond members: Every month, deposit at least $400 or monthly revenue of at least $4000.


If you want to upgrade the Letou VIP rank, you must consider the betting turnover is in the “valid” category or based on the amount of money deposited into that member’s account.

Depending on the promotion program, there will be attractive promotions for each VIP level each month. If you want to upgrade to VIP level, you must wait at least next month to be promoted.

5. The rules from Letou

Depending on the time of the event, the Letou dealer will make adjustments to suit the content of the program. This is a special offer for those who first become a VIP at Letou.

You need to prepare the necessary documents and information to give Letou party:

  • If you are already a VIP member of another house, you must also have a proof of identity
  • The photos must be clear, especially the VIP account status and full name must match the current account in Letou.
  • Must have statistics of the account’s deposit history and betting turnover in the past 3 months.
  • If you have any documents proving that you used to be a VIP member, be sure to save and add to the VIP membership registration profile.

The process of approval for VIP account registration at Letou will take place in a few days, the support team will contact you to verify and collate the information provided by you. If everything is ok and valid, from 3-5 days you will receive notification immediately.

  • Members will be upgraded to VIP and will take effect in 60 days. If after that, a member does not meet the basic criteria set out, that member’s account will automatically downgrade and return to regular members.
  • If the account of any member who has met the conditions to become a VIP member, that account will certainly be kept the VIP rank or will be upgraded to a higher VIP level. Normally, on the 3rd day of the next month, the Letou house will conduct VIP approval for members.
  • After the account is reviewed and upgraded to VIP level, that account will immediately receive attractive offers for VIP members and will last for 2 consecutive months.


  1. Letou’s house has the right to not notify the reason why your account cannot be promoted to VIP member or deprived of VIP rank, if they find evidence that your account is showing signs of violations, playboy space. That is, if you violate, you will be dealt with immediately and Letou will not need to notify in advance about this.
  1. This promotion is subject to change at any time, subject to the decision of Letou. Even the event to welcome new VIP members can take place at the same time with a number of other promotions are happening.


Each house has its own service for players. So you should find out these offers very carefully. More or less, it will help you have a better experience when you entertain at this online house.

In addition to Letou VIP, the house also offers a lot of incentives for players. Please pay more attention to the section “Promotion”! Surely it will bring super bonuses, or payoffs, big prizes in kind!

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