What outstanding services does the JBO bookie have?

The JBO bookmaker has been voted by the world bookmaker as one of the most prestigious bookmakers in the field of online sports betting in 2019.

Although JBO bookmaker has only been established for a few years, JBO has taken the right direction, they outlined a clear investment development strategy.

If you want to find out more accurate information about the JBO house, what makes this emerging new betting star different and reach that development? This article will find the answer for you.

1. General background information:

As for esport sports betting, the JBO is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded bookies. And this is also the strength of this house, in the Vietnam market, almost no bookmakers surpass JBO.

Official partner with many clubs
Official partner with many clubs

In addition, JBO bookmaker is also a legally operated bookie, licensed by the Philippine government agency – First Cagaya in the field of online gambling entertainment.

The JBO JBO bookmaker has a solid economic potential, so they are ready to bring many very attractive promotions, every day with very special events. Most esports tournaments or some other sports leagues around the world JBO make betting lists with many interesting handicaps.

The potential of the JBO is shown by the fact that they have published articles in mainstream newspapers such as Dantri, Tuoitre, Thethaovanhoa. They sponsor big clubs like Olympique Marseille and Bologna. They also put billboards at football matches in La Liga.

2. JBO website interface is no different?

When I look at the website of the JBO house, I see that everything is arranged very simply, subtly, no frills. The color scheme is quite smart, just black and blue is enough to highlight professionalism and elegance.

The basic features are complete, such as the account registration, support contact, payment, … everything is very user friendly.

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Although the JBO is only going into operation in 2019, but with strong financial strength, they always prove not inferior to other brothers in the betting field.

User-friendly interface display
User-friendly interface display

In addition to the version specifically for website browsers, the JBO bookmaker has also launched an App for mobile devices (suitable for all popular operating systems such as Android or IOS). Especially with the technology of double-layer security, ensuring all information of users will be absolutely safe.

Comment: I’m very impressed with the layout and layout of the title bars, everything is very clear and quite simple. Website is quite well secured, speedy access, easy to look at betting interface.

3. What services does the JBO bookie have?

Right at the main interface of the JBO bookmaker, you will immediately see the 3 products they are trading, namely Esport, Sports and Casino.

3.1 Online esports betting:

The mainstream, Esports
The mainstream, Esports

This is considered the strength and the main card of the JBO bookmaker. They offer almost every form of betting for popular esports tournaments today. For example, Dota2, League of Legends, CS Go, Fifa Online, Warcraft 3, PUBG, Call of Duty, …

3.1 Online sports betting:

All sports such as football, tennis, basketball, … are offered by the bookmakers very attractive forms of betting. If you are a football betting enthusiast, JBO bookmaker  is also a very good betting playground.

Sports betting
Sports betting

3.2 Online Casino:

Coming to JBO, you will have the opportunity to experience the extremely interesting Live Casino service, full of famous game genres such as Sicbo, Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, 

4. Promotion programs and promotions at JBO

Want to increase the number of members participating in betting at JBO, then surely they will not hesitate to organize a huge promotion event for members. When we participate in betting at JBO bookmaker, we will definitely receive attractive promotions such as:

  • When registering a new member you will receive $5 free bet
  • Get 100% bonus when participating in Esports betting and sports betting, up to a maximum of $200.
  • Receive 100% cash back on your first loss at JBO
  • And there are many other very attractive promotions

 If you are interested, I will have another article in more detail, I will put the link right below for your reference.

Comments: JBO is an emerging house, with a large number of members participating. So the promotions are always HOT. Any promotions announced by JBO, you remember to participate, absolutely do not miss, because the value of the reward is very high.

In short, through the preliminary evaluation of the JBO house that I have just shared above. We can see that JBO bookmaker is a fairly reputable in the field of online betting. This place promises to be a very interesting entertainment playground for betting circles in Vietnam and around the world.

5. Some frequently asked questions for new members

At the end of the article today, I will summarize all the common questions and answers in detail, surely these issues will be very helpful for you new to the first time betting online at JBO.

5.1 Is the JBO dealer a scam?

When betting online at any of the bookies, the first thing a player is interested in, is to find out information about that house. If you are unlucky, you will be in the scam house, and you will lose money.

Come to the JBO bookmaker, you absolutely can rest assured about this item. I have been in online betting at JBO for over 1 year. And still have not seen an event that proves that the house is deceptive.

The JBO house also provides clear policies and rules, you just need to participate and strictly abide by you will not have to worry about anything.

If you want to learn more about this issue, I also have a very thorough analysis article on this issue. You just need to search and read to understand immediately what you want to say.

5.2 Is the house JBO reputable?

Players who want to enjoy the full benefits, it is best to only bet at reputable bookmakers. And JBO is the right destination for you.

JBO with solid economic potential is legally licensed to operate in online betting. The number of members participating in betting at JBO is also very large. Besides, you just need to look at the review of the house that I have done above, etc. Just that alone is enough to show that JBO is a fairly reputable bookmaker in the field of online betting.

When participating in online betting at JBO, you will enjoy all the privileges for members. In addition, the house is committed to giving players the best entertainment service experience.

With clear payment policy, promotion incentives continuously every week. The JBO bookmaker always wants to bring a fair playing field for all players.

5.3 Is the JBO dealer good customer support?

If you have trouble participating in betting at JBO, the customer service team will advise and guide you very enthusiastically. You can contact them anytime you want, because they rotate around 24/24.

The support and customer care at JBO always operates quite effectively. The staff are professionally trained. I myself have contacted JBO support and they helped and handled the problem relatively quickly.

5.4 Is it difficult to register an account at JBO?

You only need to follow the instructions to register your JBO account successfully. Generally, nothing is complicated at all.

Remember that each person should only create one account, avoid creating multiple accounts or you will be locked out of that account.

5.5 Is it convenient to withdraw money at home of JBO?

Regarding the deposit and withdrawal of money at JBO is relatively fast, simple and convenient. You can conduct transactions at home and can do it whenever you want.

All information about your account will be 100% confidential, you will not have to worry anything. As long as you comply with the rules set by the JBO.

5.6 What are the highlights of sports betting at JBO?

At JBO there are many different forms of betting, such as 1 × 2 bet, handicap bet, U / I bet, score bet, goal bet, parity bet.

If you love Hong Kong, European or Malaysian rafters, JBO are all available.

Regarding esports betting, JBO is one of the bookmakers with the largest number of people participating in betting. With all kinds of super attractive bets, high payout ratios, you will definitely get it right.

5.7 Why are there so many links to JBO?

Because in Vietnam there will be many partners who deal with the JBO bookmaker, so you will see many links to access the house.

However, to ensure the security of your account, I recommend that you access it via the link to the JBO provided by me. At the beginning of the article I also said very clearly about this issue. You can drag up to see it again.

6. Judging from the members experience at the JBO dealer

Because the JBO bookmaker  is a reputable house and is loved by many players. Therefore, this house always receives a lot of positive feedback. Mostly more commendable than criticism.

Even at some large sports betting forums today, the topic of discussing the JBO bookmaker  also attracts a lot of members to follow. I have synthesized and filtered out some fairly honest feedback of players for the JBO house.

Mr. Wu Fong (Beijing- 32 years old): “I accidentally came across the house from JBO Vietnam through a referral from a friend. The first time I joined JBO, there were many attractive offers, the support staff was quite enthusiastic ”.

Phong friend (Da Nang – 28 years old): “I am very passionate about esports but I don’t know which house to gamble at. On the occasion of accidentally reading an article about TOP reputable bookmakers, I came to know JBO. And from then on, this place is like a 2nd playground that I’ve been attached to until now. ”

You Dat (Shanghai – 36 years old): “I really like football betting, when I went to football pages to see a billboard about the JBO house, I was curious to click on the reference. Surprisingly, because they are too professional, the odds table is presented very easy to understand, the reward rate is also quite good, I like this ”.

If you mark on a 10-point scale, I will vote for this house with a score of 8.5 / 10 points. Each house has a strong and weak side, there is no perfect house. So, I only assessed and gave the house value of the JBO at that much.


So, after reading this article, we have grasped more useful information about the JBO bookmaker, right?

With a fairly reputable house in sports betting and esports like JBO, this will definitely be an ideal choice for you. Not to mention the series of super attractive promotions happening every week. Therefore, it is no surprise why the number of members participating in betting at JBO bookmaker has increased so fast in a short time.

If you find this article “JBO link in, instructions and detailed reviews” useful and interesting, remember to support yourself by sharing this article with your friends around. Thank you for taking the time to follow and remember not to look forward to your other posts on this website everyone.

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