What Slot Game Is – How To Play Basic Casino889 Slot Game

The slot game is a slot machine game. In casinos, you will see these slot machines lined up. However, on Slot machines there are usually 3 rows (horizontal or vertical) or more with different symbols on each row, depending on the theme of the game. Online casino889 slot games also simulate screen Slots in real life. It has horizontal/vertical rows containing many different symbols.

How many slot games at Casino889

How To Play Basic Casino889 Slot Game

Casino889 slot games are very rich and varied. Just change the theme (image, sound …) and there will be a new Slot game. There are many topics like football, pirates, fruits, Egypt, etc. So on online casinos, you can find hundreds of slot games with different topics.

Although there are many slot games, their basic gameplay is the same. The only thing each game can add a few small features to make players feel new and more attractive.

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How to play basic Slot games

How To Play Basic Casino889 Slot Game

Every slot game has the same rules, very simple as follows: bet, spin and get a reward if you win the winning combination.

The important thing to remember is: a payout line only pays you when and only if you make a bet on that line. For example, if you only bet on 10 of the 25 payment lines and the winning combination falls on the line you didn’t bet, you won’t get anything from it.

How to play the Slot game specifically

Place a bet: some Casino889 slot games let you choose a payout line, or some you only need to choose your total bet and will divide it evenly into all payouts you can’t choose.

Press the Spin button.

The reels on the Slot machine screen will spin randomly.

You win if the same symbols (usually 3 or more) on a pay line you choose.

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Get rewarded (if won) and start a new game.

Common buttons in Slot game

How To Play Basic Casino889 Slot Game

Spin: press this button to start the reels.

Total Bet: The total amount of bets you wager on that spin.

Auto Play: use the auto-rotation feature. You will choose the number of spins and the machine keeps spinning instead of you playing each game.

Turbo mode: fast feature, reduce some visual effects.

Help: Click here to read the game rules.

Re-spin: pay extra to return to the reels at the end of any spin.

Bet Max: press this button if you want to bet the maximum number of bets / maximum amount allowed.

Bet One: press this button to place a bet on a payout line. When you are ready to spin, press the Spin button.

Collect: press this button to collect your winnings and put them into your account.

Common slot game terms

Payline / line: Payment with lines. There are usually 1-100 lines in each slot game. It can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, chevron, zig zac depending on the rules of each game (should be read before playing). If you spin the same symbols on the same line that you bet, you win.

Free Spin: Free spins. Casino889 slot game is currently offering free spins to play slot games for new customers.

Coin: The number of coins you want to place a bet for each payment row.

Coin size: set the conversion value of each coin into money. Ex: every penny is worth $ 0.10.

Multiplier: multiplier. If you win you will be multiplied by the bonus amount, such as 3x, 5x, 100x.

Bonus game: The bonus game is received by winning a special combination on the rows, offering additional rewards such as free spins, cash prizes, etc.

Wild: symbolic universal, valuable to replace an ordinary symbol, so you can complete a winning combination.

Scatter: Some Casino889 slot games have a Scatter feature, which is a special bonus symbol. They do not need to be on a payment line, you also receive a reward. It could be money or fun little prizes like free spins, bonus games. Scatter rules vary from game to game, so you should consult the rules before playing.

Jackpot: Every time someone loses, a portion of the bet goes into this pot. So it will grow until someone hits (Jackpot). If you’re lucky to hit the Jackpot, you can get a lot of money.

Other games at Casino889

Beside Casino889 slot game, they also offer a full range of games in the following categories:

Sports betting: Casino889 provides quick and timely betting odds for the day, allowing players to capture the full information to place a bet.

Online casino: Casino889 casino games are very diverse, popular and preferred by many players such as Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Lottery, etc. with win rates higher than the other bookies.

Lottery: You can choose to play the lottery with very detailed and easy-to-win instructions. In addition, Casino889 also has Thai lottery for you to have more choices with the update. Update results very quickly.

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