What’s A Slot Machine? Terms & Types Of Slot Games Change Rewards

Slot machines (pokies, Slots) are also known as fruit machine Slot machines because the winning Slots are shaped like fruits or are called Poker card machines. (in Australian English) is a machine designed for Slot Games at casinos.

What is a Slot?

Slots or Slot machine is an entertaining game with three or more columns playing with different themes and symbols.

Slot machine games are often found in Casino casinos, also known as Fruit Machine in the UK, Poker Machine in Australia and New Zealand.

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Each type of Slot Games will have a different reward value

According to Wikipedia, now with the development of Slot Games technology is expanded to play online versions with many different topics, interfaces, ways of playing and prize structure. The game is loaded in 3 forms: Cash, coins and tokens.

Glossary Slot Games change rewards


Also known as a bonus is a special feature that appears when certain symbols appear together to create. The bonus rewards for each game will be different, some bonus games will be free spins, bonuses or special features like a circle wheel …


A candle with light appearing on a Slot machine. The candle will glow when the system changes or the player presses a button to ask for help.

Coin Level

This will be the number of coins corresponding to each bet line. For example, if you want to order 10 items, the cost to activate will correspond to 10 coins.

Free Spin

Free spins are the most popular feature in almost every Slot Games that has this feature. Free spins give you one or more spins later without spending any money and when you win will still get the full value of that reward. Each game will correspond to different free spins, a free spinner commonly referred to as “respin”.


The coefficient with the winning amount. For example, if you win 1 million, if you activate the Multiplier x5, x10, x20 features, you will receive 5 million, 10 million and 20 million, respectively.

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Optimal Play

The percentage of winning games based on the tactics of the players used in this Slot Games.


This is the game line through which icons, symbols similar or different, when activated, will receive a reward. Classic Slot Games will usually have 9 “paylines”, while video Slot Games will have more than hundreds. These wins will be calculated in many different forms (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, triangle, Zigzag …)

Scatter Symbol

Symbol of the meaning of victory, any Wild symbol that appears in any row will win the corresponding prize. This is one of the most popular icons when playing the Slot.

Wild Symbol

The icon has an alternate feature, with Wild you have the ability to replace any symbols that combine with each other to win.

How does the Slot Games Work?

Random Dial (RNG)

Random Num.ber Generator (RNG), also known as random dialing. In every online Slot Games, the computer will use the RNG system for the purpose of generating random numbers every second on each different day.

Each type of Slot Games will have a different reward value

RNG generates a different sequence of numbers every time you press the “Spin” button or the “Maximum bet” button. Whenever RNG is applied to online Slot Games to determine results based on an algorithm and RNG creation software, each of these software will produce results for each spin – the next spin will be different from the previous rotation.

How does video Slot work?

The video Slot is a feature based on an average of 50 individual players. When you press the “play” button, the program will give 5 different numbers each spin. The spins will automatically give the number based on RNG.

The system will then quickly perform a number of complex calculations behind each winning and losing a game of the previous spin. The winnings and prizes you win will be automatically added directly to your account balance.

Benefits of RNG?

Now you know the outcome of each spin is completely independent and different. RNG software is always tested and tested to ensure the transparency of Slot Games is always fair and safe.

Dealers with a reputable RNG system will be certified by the global Technical Systems Testing (TST) association. An important part of what you need to know is that even though the gaming system is becoming more and more modern, the random dialing system is still used as it was.

Types of Slot Games

Have you ever wondered how many Slot types appear on the market yet?

The common Slot Games are usually divided into the following categories: Video Slots (Video Slot), Bonus Slots (Game Slot for redemption), Progressive jackpot Slots (Progressive Jackpot Bonus Jackpot) and 3-reel Slots (Games Slot 3 rolls).

Each Slot game will have different features such as: Slide icons, free spins, bonuses and multi-players.

3-Roll Slot Games

The 3-Slot Slot game is known to be the simplest of all Slot Games. The game is suitable for new players, new to gaming. This type of game is simple and easy to play.

The game will consist of 3 reels when pressing the play button the RNG system will automatically spin out three symbols in each column and row. Typically, 3-Slot Slot Games cost 3 cents per spin.

Video Slot and other multi-scroll Slot Games

Another type of game Slot game is a video Slot, with at least 5 reels. Because 5-roll games are often games produced later, the interface, images, sound and graphics will be very attractive and designed for the user to experience the best.

Just like 3-reel Slot Games, the Video Slot will have different symbolic features in that there will be more than 1 winning line. Video Slot has up to 100 winning rows of goods you can place. The active video Slot is also based on RNG.

Video Slot has advantages such as round bonuses, free spins, multiplayer mode and an unlimited amount of bets. The liquidity of the video Slot is very high and with that means you will win easier when betting the maximum.

Game Slot redemption

This is the most common type of Slot Games, designed for players who bet every day. With simple visuals and effects, the rewards are relatively high so those who are interested in playing every day will choose this as their number one game.

Each type of Slot Games will have a different reward value
Each type of Slot Games will have a different reward value

Free rotation of Slot game wallet

Many players who prefer game Slots definitely cannot miss the chance to get free spins during the game or from the bookmakers. This popular feature lets players make free spins at no charge.

Bonus X of Y Slot game

Y’s reward X is the bonus you will receive when you complete that task. Ie if you win a bonus then the next spin you hit the same will be accumulated in level.

You must then complete each level to gain the final bonus.

A bonus of many Slot Games

With the more online players, the more money each player loses, the more money will be deducted and accumulated into the reward to encourage customers to continue playing.

In order to receive this reward, you must also follow each step in the chain, if you do not meet the requirements in one step, the chain will be broken and you have to start from the beginning.

Progressive Jackpot games

Known to be one of the most popular games in Slot Games. Because the amount of prize money that it brings to the winner is too large up to hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars for a win.

Progressive game Slots will be linked via Slot machines, games, websites and casinos to create great rewards. When a player receives this huge amount of money, the game will automatically reset and start over.

Types of progressive Slot Games

1. Independent progressive jackpot Slot Games

For games set up for a particularly large prize pool and without any extra prizes, the value will be calculated as a percentage of the amount contributed by the loser. 

Because the prize winning is so great, the game has only one winner and when the prize has its owner, the prize amount will be reset from scratch.

2. Progressive jackpot Slot system in groups

In the event that these Slot machines are charged the total amount of the prize based on a group or more of the online casinos linked together, the prize will have a higher prize amount due to the number of contributors when participating. Group play is a lot.

3. Game Slot jackpot progressive network system.

This is a Slot jackpot game with the biggest prize money when all networks around the world will be calculated into the total amount of bonuses. This bonus will come from hundreds of players who join the network.

So the prize money of Slots is up to millions, very attractive, isn’t it?

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