Which Dragon Tiger Online Tactics Help Players Always Win?

Dragon Tiger is one of the online card games that has become a popular trend of betting. So what is the Dragon Tiger game? How to play Dragon Tiger online strategy to bring victory? Subscribe to our article today offline!

What is the Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger is one of the most interesting gambling card games from Cambodia. Playing the Dragon Tiger betting game is quite simple, and does not take much time to think and calculate. Many people believe that the dragon and tiger game is more of a risk factor.

Which Dragon Tiger Online Tactics Help Players Always Win

This is a fairly popular game today, many people have played and succeeded from Dragon Tiger online. Do not forget to try this game and earn yourself thousands of dollars. What are you waiting for without doing a few matches of Dragon Tiger online to try your luck?

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How to play and the rules of the Dragon Tiger online

Before starting a new game of Dragon Tiger online, participants will have the following 3 betting options:

  • Dragon.
  • Tiger.
  • Tie.

Based on the experience of the senior players in this game, you should bet on the Dragon and Tiger. Because studies show that the house advantage at this selection is only 3.73%. Many players have made a lot of money from this strategy. Therefore, if you are new to this form, do not forget to pocket yourself to win. Certainly, if you apply this strategy well, you will win your game.

With the game of Dragon Tiger card game, the game takes place very quickly, each game starts and ends with only 2 cards. So after you have chosen to bet on the Dragon, Tiger and Tie, the dealer will start dealing. The result of the game will depend on the score of the 2 cards to determine a win or a tie.

Once you win a bet at Dragon or Tiger selection, if you win you will get 100% of the bet. If you win at the draw, you will receive 8 times the amount of the bet.

Which Dragon Tiger Online Tactics Help Players Always Win

There are many tactics of playing Dragon and Tiger applied today

In the Dragon Tiger online, the point is calculated as follows

  • Card A: Counted 1 point. This is the lowest playing spot. Unlike other forms of gaming, this is a card that is not appreciated. Therefore, if you receive this card, you should not denounce losing a lot of money.
  • Cards 2 to 10: Counted points will correspond to the number of buttons recorded on the card.
  • Card J: Counts 11 points.
  • Card Q: Counted 12 points.
  • Card K: Counted 13 points, this is also the card with the highest score in the Dragon Tiger online. If the player receives this card, then the lucky god is really smiling at you. You are most likely to win so there is no reason without a strong bet. This is a strategy to play Dragon Tiger that is trusted by many people today.

The tactics of playing Dragon Tiger

  • The highest winning rate of a Dragon Tiger card game is 1 to 8. However, the probability of winning such a high ratio is not high. Players need to consider before joining to avoid losing money in vain. You should only participate if you really have the victory in your hand.
  • When participating in a bet, to ensure the best, you should place a bet at the tiger and dragon selection with a low payout ratio but easier to win. This is a bit of fairly common advice and is most applicable today.
  • If you haven’t played the game of the Dragon Tiger, then play with a small amount to try it first. After getting used to it, make a bigger bet to make a profit from the bookie. This is a strategy to play Dragon Tiger online, which is always noted by the players. Do not rush to place a large amount of money in the first place, it is very important that you know the nature of the game before engaging.
  • Judge your cards carefully before deciding to place a bet at any selection. To choose accordingly, rely on the cards from the previous game.

Playing Dragon Tiger online requires very high concentration

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  • Make sure you are calm, focused, and have good psychological control before placing a bet. Especially at times of losing, do not be discouraged but ruin the game.
  • Keep learning from the experience and tactics of playing Dragon Tiger online from those who came before. The sharing from the masters is always a valuable lesson to help you gain more experience.

The tactics of playing Dragon Tiger online

Select the betting selection

According to the experience of the veteran players, you should not place Tie when playing Dragon Tiger online. The reason is that in fact, the probability of a tie game is only about 25%, with a very low hit rate.

Not only that, when the tie is lost, but you will also have to lose up to 50% of the bet. It proves that this is a very clever trap, if you are not consistent, you will lose all your money.

The best solution is that players rely on the rules of the cards to choose the correct door. In order to do that, you must train your thinking and quick observation skills to make judgments in the right direction.

Pay close attention to how to deal cards of the online bookie

Any game requires tactics and skills to win. For Dragon Tiger online entertainment game, too, please calm down do not place a bet yet when joining. Next, observe how the dealer deals cards; pay close attention to how the cards are dealt.

You can use a small notebook to carefully record the results of each game and become familiar with the house buttons. Surely with patience, you will find its rules, and guess the outcome of the next game.

Bet with three effective sides

The three-sided betting method is one of the common skills commonly employed by hardcore players. Its method is not difficult, but it requires the constant training of players. From there, you will have good handling techniques in each situation.

Specifically, the 3-sided betting method is made as follows: First, you bet on Dragon if the Dragon wins. In the next game, bet on the Tiger; Just like that, keep applying the spin door till the end of the game.

Perseverance and maintain spirit when playing Dragon Tiger online

Perseverance will help players loyal to their choices, without wavering in front of external agents. In particular, ensuring the most comfortable spirit will bring insight into every betting decision. Because if the mind is constantly stressed, losing more than winning you will easily lose control, chaos in thinking. The serious consequence is that you will not be able to make accurate judgments and tactics to play the Dragon Tiger to increase the odds of winning.


From sharing about the effective tactics on playing Dragon Tiger online above, hope you will equip yourself with the secrets to defeat the most dangerous opponent. However, to become a master, you must practice skills, go from basic to advance.

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