Which MLB Umpires Records Should Bettors Know?

The 2017 MLB season is only a couple of days away, and our objective is to guarantee that bettors have the best systems umpire records for the up and coming year. We have as of late profiled a few productive systems remembering wagering against general society and taking longshots for divisional games with high aggregates, however, there are numerous variables that ought to be considered before putting a bet. 


Despite the fact that bettors ought to never put a bet exclusively dependent on the home plate umpire records, there are sure umps with articulated propensities that can at times be misused by deft bettors. For instance, umpires with tight strike zones are helpful for over bettors, while umpires with huge strike zones are valuable for under bettors. So also, a few umpire records apparently buckle underweight and assume the best about to the host group. 

For the individuals who aren’t comfortable, baseball uses a four-man umpire team for each arrangement. Normally the assignments aren’t declared until a couple of hours before the main round of another arrangement, and authorities will pivot clockwise for the resulting game. That implies that a respectable halfway point umpire will work a respectable starting point the next day and home plate the day after that. At the point when the authorities are declared preceding the beginning of another arrangement, lines will frequently move to represent the inclinations of the administering team. 

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The tables underneath, which use shutting lines from Pinnacle, show the five most gainful dynamic umpires for host groups, street groups, dark horses, top choices, overs and unders since the beginning of the 2005 season.

Best Home umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Lance Barksdale229-150+45.2311.9%
Alfonzo Marquez207-145+26.517.5%
Ted Barrett231-171+21.495.3%
John Tumpane81-49+19.2114.8%
Andy Fletcher207-156+18.205.0%

Best Away umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Tom Hallion200-189+28.407.3%
Paul Nauert188-192+20.675.4%
Scott Barry141-144+17.816.3%
Jerry Meals188-207+16.464.2%
Joe West197-212+16.304.0%

Best Underdog umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Joe West204-205+58.6514.3%
Jeff Nelson188-194+48.1312.6%
Jerry Meals186-209+39.9910.1%
CB Bucknor183-202+39.4010.2%
Brian Gorman160-186+25.367.3%

Best Favorite umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Mike DiMuro179-97+32.5411.8%
Tim Timmons242-145+48.1312.6%
Lazaro Diaz242-152+25.196.4%
Marty Foster227-139+23.926.5%
Phil Cuzzi240-147+23.396.0%

Best Over umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Sam Holbrook184-148+28.648.6%
Jerry Meals197-171+18.875.1%
Adrian Johnson153-128+17.326.2%
Dana DeMuth185-161+17.295.0%
Gabe Morales51-33+16.0019.0%

Best Under umpire records

UmpireRecordUnits WonROI
Ron Kulpa210-156+39.0510.7%
Bill Miller217-169+30.968.0%
Lance Barksdale196-162+23.326.5%
Phil Cuzzi201-166+21.265.8%
James Hoye181-152+18.205.5%

Which MLB Umpires Record Should Bettors Know?

It’s intriguing to see that Joe West has been one of the most gainful umpire records for the underdog in our database. In the course of the last 12 seasons, underdogs have gone 204-205 with +58.65 units won when West is behind home plate. Otherwise called “Cowboy Joe,” West has an MLB record 39 years of experience and isn’t timid about making his quality known. In light of these numbers, West appears to even the odds which legitimately has profited the group getting in addition to cash. 

Most bettors have taken the over in 75.7% of games in our chronicled database, which has made contrarian esteem on the under. My exploration found that the under has gone 14,265-13,847 (50.7%) in the course of the last 12 seasons, and Ron Kulpa has been the top under umpires record over that stretch. Kulpa’s expert umpiring vocation started in 1992, and, sadly, our chronicled database doesn’t return that far. Be that as it may, the under has hit in 57.8% of games directed by Kulpa since 2005. 

Bettors can see the most recent umpire records alongside continuous chances, open wagering patterns, wounds and more by visiting our free MLB chances page. Keen on getting to our cash rates or our exceptionally gainful Best Bet picks?