Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz Prediction | 24/06/2020

The match review to the football Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction in the Bundesliga of Austria about the 2 teams’ current performances from 2 teams and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming match, H2H matches, goal stats, table standings ranking, qualities, and match possible match result. The Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Possible Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction
Possible Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction 

Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction MATCH INFORMATION:

AustriaAustria: Bundesliga


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  • Match date: 4:30pm on Wednesday 24th June 2020
  • Event: Bundesliga
  • Stage: Matchday 29th
  • Location: Lavanttal-Arena




Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

Record from 2017 to 2020




1LASK LINZ22173250:203054
4WOLFSBERGER AC22115650:272338
6TSV HARTBERG2285936:50-1429
7AUSTRIA V22510733:36-325
8SCR ALTACH22731234:44-1024
12ST. POLTEN22381121:54-3317

Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction TEAM COMPARISON:

Having to receive results not really positive in the region’s top PO phase this season is making Wolfsberger difficult to compete at the present time. And in the next round, just having a Sturm Graz also playing not so prominent will be an opportunity for the wolves to quickly return.


  • Suddenly short of breath in the race to qualify for the Champions League, Wolfsberger AC is in desperate need of a victory to cheer the team after a series of draws and losses.
  • Playing at home this week to host the weakest SK Sturm Graz in the top 6 is a better opportunity for them to complete the task of finding the joy.
  • In addition, the gap with the above clubs is not too big, and Wolfsberger AC will have to play with their ability if they want to get 3 points and return to the race to compete for the European ticket. In the past, despite Wolfsberger AC being a bit inferior to SK Sturm Graz (won 7, drew 2, lost 9).
  • But at this point, Wolfsberger AC is bad, but SK Sturm Graz is even worse.
  • The motivation of the guests is very low after the recent weakness. This is a good signal for the NHS of Wolfsberger AC to hope for a positive match for the pet team, especially when this week Wolfsberger AC is playing at home as well as holding the active position compared to the opponent. prime.
Possible Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction
Possible Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction 


  • Sturm Graz, the visitors are also experiencing a period of PO not really smooth when 4 defeats must be received in the past 5 rounds making this team is the name having the most disadvantages in competing. top 5 at the moment, only 19 points are in possession and Sturm Graz is only in 6th place with 1 loss compared to the 5th position.
  • Wolfsberger guests on the pitch are eager to return in the round. Next fight will still be a challenge for Sturm Graz.
  • Will be the screen compared to the relatively tug of war and the possibility of quite a number of goals scored.

Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz Prediction TIP:


  • Select OVER 1.25 HT
  • Select OVER 3 FT
  • A series of 4 consecutive rounds without knowing the smell of victory has made Wolfsberger lag behind the top 3 in the rankings when with only 24 points available at the moment, wolves are only able to get 4th place. on the chart and poorly ranked 3rd of LASK Linz is 1 point.
  • Everything is still within reach and more than ever Wolfsberger will need to come back really strong to find its advantage.


  • With home advantage, Wolfsberger is still the team that is more appreciated than Sturm Graz in this match through the handicap of 0.75.
  • Obviously, the away team is also in bad shape will also be a good opportunity for the home team to take advantage and find themselves.
  • Sturm Graz is showing a relatively weak plating at this PO stage when the defense is not focused and the deadlock in the scoring ability makes them often receive bad results.
  • An advantage for Wolfsberger especially when the wolves still have people who know how to create mutations on the field.
  • In addition, the home record of Wolfsberger is also quite good with only 2 defeats to receive in 12 matches played at the nearest home.
  • The number is not bad and will make Wolfsberger the most nervous, especially when the visitors can only get 3 victories in 10 matches that have to march away from home in the past.
  • The advantage of the pitch and personnel will be the basis for Wolfsberger to play against Sturm Graz and will likely get 3 points for themselves.
  • Select Wolfsberger -0.25 HT
  • Select Wolfsberger -0.75 FT


  • European trusses are also the advantage for the home team when Wolfsberger food is at 1.71 while this figure of Sturm Graz is 4.30. It will be a match with a relatively tense posture when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other to find results that are good for themselves.
  • And with certain advantages, Wolfsberger is more likely to remain the last fun team.
  • Select Wolfsberger HT
  • Select Wolfsberger FT


  • Wolfsberger won 4 of the previous 6 clashes with Sturm Graz.
  • So the home team will still have the facilities to be confident in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands.
  • The fact that Sturm Graz is playing superficial will be a better opportunity for Wolfsberger to come back and find a result that is beneficial to them.

Wolfsberger AC vs Sturm Graz prediction:

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  • HT Wolfsberger AC 2-0 Sturm Graz
  • FT Wolfsberger AC 3-1 Sturm Graz


  • Wolfsberger AC: Schmitz, Vieira, Rnic, Kuttin, Novak, Schmid, Jojic, Liendl, Schmidt, Sprangler, Weissman.
  • Sturm Graz: Siebenhandl, Sakic, Avlonitis, Ljubic, Donkor, Hierlander, Dominguez, Jager, Kiteishvili, Balaj, Rocher.