Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction – Bundesliga – 04/24

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund prediction on April 24, 2021. Most recently, Dortmund was officially eliminated in the UEFA Champion League after losing a total of 4-2 to the mighty team from the land of Man City. So the hope of winning the c1 championship for them has almost disappeared, their final ambition remains in the Bundesliga domestic league. That is, at all costs, to get a ticket to the UEFA Champion League for the following season.

Wolfsburg Overview

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

The next match with Wolfsburg will be the best opportunity for them to narrow the gap with the top 4 and keep Wolfsburg from increasing the gap. If there are 3 full points in the upcoming match, the distance between the two will only be 2 points, and it is a much easier distance to level. But it will certainly not be an easy task because Wolfsburg is not an easy team to play and they are also eager to return to the old continent’s No. 1 arena.

Dortmund Overview

They have big stars in the squad like Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho. And these talented young players will certainly not accept only playing in a less competitive tournament like the Bundesliga. Great European tournaments like C1 are the ground for them to show their talents. So if they cannot get the c1 trophy next year, they will almost certainly lose their bright young talents.

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Dortmund currently has 49 points and is ranked 5th on the Bundesliga standings after 29 matches. They are 5 points less than the top 4 or the direct competitor for the ticket to attend the next season, Wolfsburg 5 points less. In the absence of too many rounds, the Bundesliga will officially lower the curtain, the chance for Dortmund to step into the top 4 is not much.


Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

Asian Bet – Wolfsburg vs Dortmund prediction

This is a quite disappointing season for Dortmund as they have been knocked out of the C1 Cup by Manchester City and are ranked 5th on the rankings with a 5 point gap from the top 4. Dortmund will have to really try to win 1 ticket for next year’s C1 Cup playing field if you do not want to see the main players leave, especially striker Haaland. 

The next round to be a guest on Wolfsburg’s field is an opportunity for Dortmund to close the gap with its competitors on the rankings. Despite being a guest, but with the bravery of the big team and the brilliance of Haaland, the Dortmund players are still stronger than their opponent Wolfsburg.

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Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

  • Choose Dortmund (HT)
  • Choose Dortmund – 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

Confrontation history is in favor of Dortmund when in the last 5 encounters Dortmund players have won all 5 victories. That shows Dortmund is an annoying opponent for Wolfsburg. This is a good omen for Dortmund for the upcoming guest trip. In addition, the host Wolfsburg has not been in good shape recently with 2 consecutive defeats. That is the reason to put faith in Dortmund in the upcoming match.

Choose Dortmund (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Wolfsburg vs Dortmund prediction

This is a quite successful season for Wolfsburg when they are ranked 4th on the table with 54 points, the group chase 5 points while the tournament has 4 rounds to end. This is really an opportunity for Wolfsburg to win 1 of 4 tickets to the C1 Cup next season. 

However, that ticket is being threatened by Dortmund, the opponent they will welcome in the next round at home. This is a quite stressful match when the result of the match is very much decisive to the final result of the season. Not surprisingly, coach O. Glasner and his players will play with a draw mentality to save at least one point at home.

Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Prediction

  • Choose Under 1.25 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.75 (FT)


Wolfsburg: Gerhardt, Schlager, Casteels, Mbabu, Lacroix, Brooks, Otavio, Baku, Philipp, Santos Sa, Weghorst.

Dortmund: Morey Bauza, Dahoud, Hitz, Guerreiro, Hummels, Akanji, Reus, Brandt, Bellingham, Reyna, Haaland. 

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