World Series Odds 2020| betting On Baseball

The Washington Nationals were evaluated at +2400 odds to win the 2019 World Series a year prior, offering a plan to mid-extend contenders competing to be 2020 MLB champions. The in-season MLB fates wagering odds for the Nats ascended as high as +5500 by mid-June with a record of 32-38 on June 15. They went on a phenomenal go through the finish of the standard season and upset the Houston Astros in the World Series odds in the wake of making the National League end of the season games as a trump card group. 

We presently proceed onward from an offseason defaced by sign-taking outrages drove by the Astros and Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox then stunned the baseball network by exchanging the previous MVP OF Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The obtaining of Betts further reinforced the effectively stacked Dodgers’ hang on the No. 1.

On this page, we’ll keep you refreshed normally on the World Series odds to win the 2020 World Series while separating why groups are drifting in specific ways. 

World Series Odds 2020| betting On  Baseball

2020 World Series Odds

Baseball – 10/30/2020 – Major league baseball World Series odds winner

LA Dodgers3.50
New York Yankees3.60
Houston Astros7.00
Atlanta Braves8.50
Minnesota Twins15.00
Washington Nationals15.00
St. Louis Cardinals17.00
Philadelphia Phillies17.50
New York Mets19.00
Tampa Bay Rays19.00
Boston Red Sox21.00
Chicago Cubs21.00
Cleveland Indians26.00
LA Angels26.00
Milwaukee Brewers26.00
Cincinnati Reds31.00
Oakland Athletics31.00
Arizona Diamondbacks36.00
Chicago White Sox36.00
San Diego Padres41.00
Texas Rangers67.00
Toronto Blue Jays67.00
Colorado Rockies151.00
San Francisco Giants226.00
Pittsburgh Pirates251.00
Seattle Mariners301.00
Baltimore Orioles501.00
Detroit Tigers901.00
Kansas City Royals901.00
Miami Marlins901.00


Baseball – 10/30/2020 – Major league baseball World Series odds American league winner

New York Yankees2.50
Houston Astros3.50
Minnesota Twins8.00
Tampa Bay Rays10.00
Boston Red Sox12.00
Cleveland Indians14.00
Oakland Athletics16.00
Chicago White Sox17.00
LA Angels17.00
Texas Rangers36.00
Toronto Blue Jays36.00
Seattle Mariners151.00
Kansas City Royals500.00
Baltimore Orioles501.00
Detroit Tigers501.00

Baseball – 10/30/2020 – World Series odds National league 2020 winner

LA Dodgers1.50
Atlanta Braves5.00
Washington Nationals7.50
St. Louis Cardinals9.00
Philadelphia Phillies9.00
New York Mets10.00
Milwaukee Brewers12.00
Chicago Cubs14.00
Cincinnati Reds15.00
Arizona Diamondbacks17.00
San Diego Padres21.00
Colorado Rockies61.00
San Francisco Giants101.00
Pittsburgh Pirates126.00
Miami Marlins501.00

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Preview 2020 World Series Odds

AL East World Series Odds

TeamAL East TitlesLast WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Baltimore Orioles919831983
Boston Red Sox1020182018
New York Yankees1820092009
Tampa Bay Rays2N/A2008
Toronto Blue Jays619931993

AL Central World Series Odds

TeamAL Central TitlesLast WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Cleveland Indians1019482016
Minnesota Twins619911991
Detroit Tigers419842012
Chicago White Sox320052005
Kansas City Royals120152015

AL West World Series Odds

TeamAL West TitlesLast WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Houston Astros220172019
Los Angeles Angels920022002
Oakland Athletics1619891990
Seattle Mariners3N/AN/A
Texas Rangers7N/A2011

NL East World Series Odds

TeamNL East TitlesLast WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Atlanta Braves1319951999
Miami Marlins020032003
New York Mets619862015
Philadelphia Phillies1120082009
Washington Nationals520192019

NL Central World Series Odds

TeamNL Central Titles Since 1994Last WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Chicago Cubs520162016
Cincinnati Reds219901990
Milwaukee Brewers2N/A1982/A
Pittsburgh Pirates019791979
St. Louis Cardinals1020112013

NL West World Series Odds

TeamNL West Titles Since 1994Last WS ChampionshipLast WS Appearance
Los Angeles Dodgers1019882018
Arizona Diamondbacks520012001
San Francisco Giants520142014
San Diego Padres4N/A1998
Colorado Rockies0N/A2007

Most Head-to-Head World Series Matchups

TeamsNumber of Head-to-Head World Series Matchups
Yankees vs Dodgers11
Yankees vs Giants7
Yankees vs Cardinals5
Yankees vs Braves4
Cardinals vs Red Sox4
Cubs vs Tigers4
A’s vs Giants4

Teams That Have Never Won a World Series Title

The charts underneath, which track the 2020 World Series odds for every one of the 30 groups in Major League Baseball, are created by averaging the odds from various sources. They are refreshed routinely through the span of the period. You can see each group’s odds in disengagement or close by the groups in its association as well as division. 

TeamInceptionWorld Series Appearances
Tampa Bay Rays19981
Colorado Rockies19931
Seattle Mariners19770
Texas Rangers19722
Milwaukee Brewers19701
San Diego Padres19692

Frequently asked questions

Where can I wager on the World Series in the US? 

As of now, there are 13 expresses that offer legitimate games wagering. Occupants of those states can utilize online sportsbooks (if accessible) or gambling club sportsbooks, like CMD368, Happyluke or many more to put lawful, genuine cash wagers. 

Who is the most loved one to win the World Series in 2020? 

The Astros are the top choices to win the 2020 World Series in spite of losing to the Washington Nationals in 2019. 

When is the 2020 World Series? 

The 2020 MLB postseason is planned to start on Sept. 29, 2020. The World Series odds are planned to start on Oct. 20 with a potential Game 7 closing on Oct. 28.


For those with betting involvement with different games, a significant part of the baseball wording and ideas will be recognizable. Be that as it may, similarly as with all games, there are sure wagered types and props that normally are specific to the individual game. 

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Here are the different approaches to get a bet down on the World Series. 


As with different games, the Moneyline speaks to the odds of a group dominating a match. A “less” sign demonstrates the top pick. The number close to the short sign speaks to the measure of cash a bettor would need to bet to win a hypothetical measure of $100. An “or more” sign shows the dark horse. The sum close to the in addition to sign speaks to the measure of cash a bettor would win on a hypothetical measure of $100. 


Typically set at either – 1.5 or +1.5, the runline capacities much like the point spread in different games. In an ordinary runline situation, the supported group must win by at least two runs or the dark horse must lose by two runs or less all together for the runline to be secured. oddsare doled out close to the top choice (which is assigned with a runline of – 1.5) and longshot (which is assigned with a runline of +1.5). 

Total (over/under)

The total consolidated number of runs anticipated to be scored in the game by the two groups. Likewise with different games, bettors can put down wagers on the absolute either being surpassed or being more prominent than the measure of total runs scored. 

Series line

With baseball generally being played in the multi-game arrangement between two groups — three-or four-game arrangement being the most widely recognized — bets are additionally accessible on which group will develop as the victor in every matchup. 

Player props

An assortment of bets dependent on singular players arriving at specific benchmarks inside a game or in a season. Occasional models incorporate over/under bets on the number of hits, extra-fair hits, or grand slams a player may hit in a season. In-game models incorporate over/under bets on the number of hits, strolls, or grand slams a player may hit in a game. 

Team props

An assortment of bets dependent on groups arriving at specific benchmarks inside a game. Models incorporate over/under bets on whether a group will score a specific measure of runs in a game. Or on the other hand, what number of runs a group will score by a specific inning inside a game. 


Parlay betting is characterized as a progression of wagers that should all be right all together for a bettor to be paid. Parlay wagers include increasingly ideal odds and payouts because of the expanded trouble engaged with anticipating different results effectively.