WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St. Polten prediction: Football Odds

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Football match: WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St.Polten prediction

Swarovski Tirol is returning very impressed with 4 consecutive games unbeaten, most significantly the 1-1 draw right away against the ball currently ranked 2nd on the table is RB Salzburg. The current 10th place of teachers and coach Thomas Silberberger is considered not too safe when the distance with the red light group is only 2 points. The recent performance of St. Pölten is not too bright with bad results, coach Robert Ibertsberger and his students have only 4 draws and 2 defeats in the last 4 matches. This makes the NV Arena home team unable to improve its position while still ranked last in the rankings with only 17 points after 22 rounds. In the last 5 rounds, Swarovski Tirol’s achievement is temporarily stable when reaching 7/15 maximum points, that number is much better than that of St. Germain. Pölten when the team under the guidance of coach Robert Ibertsberger got only 3/15 points. Thereby, following WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St.Polten prediction, the chance of a home team score in this match is considered to be much higher than the opponent.

Asian Handicap, Swarovski Tirol Handicap vs Pölten: Choose Swarovski Tirol -1/2

Home team Pölten is gaining a little advantage in the history of the WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St. Polten prediction, they get 1 victory and 1 draw in 2 confrontations with each other before. However, that match was made at home at NV Arena, so this trip will promise a lot of difficulties for the target to find at least 1 point of them.

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Swarovski Tirol vs St. Swarovski Pölten: Choose 2.3 / 4 goals

Although the last meeting between the two teams ended with 5-1 for St. Pölten, it was a rare time when they scored many goals in one match. The students of coach Robert Ibertsberger have only scored 3 goals in the last 5 matches, including up to 3/5 matches that their attack has no idea. Therefore, Under will be a safer option in this WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St. Polten prediction.

  • H1 Swarovski Tirol vs St. Pölten: 0-0
  • Odds of Swarovski Tirol H2 Pölten: 1-0

Swarovski Tirol vs Europe Pölten

Despite consecutive negative records in previous matches, Swarovski Tirol has performed well in the last 2 home games with 1 victory and 1 draw. Across the front line, St. Pölten again caused a lot of disappointment when there were 7 consecutive matches, only draw and lose on away field. With such weak achievements, chances of having St. Pölten is definitely not appreciated in WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St. Polten prediction.

Line-up WSG Swarovski Tirol vs SKN St.Polten prediction

Swarovski Tirol: Oswald, Soares, Adjei, Svoboda, Koch, Grgic, Petsos, Pranter, Dedic, Rieder, Maierhofer.

St. Pölten: Vollnhofer, Luan, Muhamedbeg, Stangl, Luxbacher, Schulz, Hofbauer, Alan, Davies, Pak, Burke.