Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction |23/07/2020|Super League

The reviews to the football Xamax vs Young Boys prediction in Swiss Super League about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction


  • Match date: 6:30 pm on Thursday 23rd July 2020
  • Event: Super League
  • Stage: Matchday 33rd
  • Location: La Maladiere



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Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction recommendation:

The 3 points gained before Zurich in the previous round helped Young Boys continue to maintain a relatively stable series of matches at the end of this season. And in the next round, just marching to the yard of a struggling Xamax will continue to be an opportunity for the visitors to search for a more beneficial outcome for them.

Asian Handicap Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction: 

  • Asian handicap: FT Young Boys accept 1.25 (Odd 1.05 with Young Boys and 0.87 with Xamax) HT Young Boys accept 0.5 (Odd 1.02 with Young Boys and 0.86 with Xamax)
  • With their level, the Young Boys are still the team that is more appreciated than Xamax in this match through the handicap of 1. It is clear that the home team is still playing quite well, it will be a favorable opportunity. so the visitors can take advantage and continue their momentum. Xamax will need to improve a lot in the game if you want to have a better phase at the end of the season when the defense plays too superficially while the attack shows that the impasse brings too many disadvantages for them. An advantage that Young Boys can exploit when the top team still has enough people to cause many difficulties for their opponents. In addition, the home record of Xamax is also very bad with only 1 victory has been here in the previous 7 matches. The numbers are not convincing and will be an opportunity for Young Boys to partly improve their away field performance which is also not good. Human resources advantage and determination will help Young Boys have an active position against Xamax and will likely get the victory in the upcoming competition.

The best Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction: 

  • Young Boys -0.5 HT
  • Young Boys -1.25 FT

O/U Prediction: 

  • O/U: FT 3.25 (odd 0.90 with Over and 1.00 with Under) HT 1.25 (odd 0.83 with Over and 1.05 with Under)
  • The 3 points gained before Zurich helped Young Boys temporarily maintain their leading position with 64 points after 32 rounds. They are temporarily 2 points behind the group, and when the season is still 5 more rounds to close, surely everything can happen if they can not maintain their focus. This is the time that Young Boys need to continue to maintain stability in the next matches.
  • Meanwhile, with Xamax, the home team is still facing a lot of difficulties in the relegation battle this season, only a mere victory in the previous 8 rounds is a bad result. more and it is also the reason for the bottom position that this team is holding the same distance to 5 points compared to the safety group. Having to welcome Young Boys in the next round will still be a huge challenge for Xamax. It will be a match against the game where the away team will be somewhat overwhelmed and the likelihood of quite a number of goals scored.

Best Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction:

  • OVER 1.25 FT
  • OVER 3.25 FT

European Xamax vs Young Boys Prediction: 

  • European bettings are also the advantage for the visitors when the Young Boys’ meals are 1.48 while that of Xamax is 5.60. It will be a match with a relatively tense position when both teams will be willing to play fair with each other in search of results that are beneficial to them. And with certain advantages, it is likely that Young Boys will still be the last name to have fun.
  • Select Young Boys to win FT

Xamax vs Young Boys Final scores

Young Boys had up to 5 victories in 6 clashes with Xamax before. Therefore, the visitors have a complete basis to be confident in this rematch when the advantage is still in their hands. The fact that Xamax is still under so much pressure in the relegation battle and that not playing really well will be the advantage that Young Boys can take advantage of and find a result that is beneficial to them.

Predict the match score 

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  • Xamax 0-2 Young Boys HT
  • Xamax 1-2 Young Boys FT

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