Xanthi FC vs Atromitos, 18h00 On 06/06/2020 – Greek League

Xanthi FC vs Atromitos, 18h00 On 06/06/2020 – Greek League

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At round 27 of the Greek league, a battle of the home Xanthi FC vs Atromitos occur. However, with the recent performance is not really stable and the force is assessed to be weaker, it is difficult for Xanthi players to retain 3 points at home.

Xanthi vs Atromitos odds

Despite playing at home in the last round, Xanthi was grabbed by the PAOK Saloniki players with a score of 1-1. With this draw, this is the fourth consecutive match that the homeowners can not win. This has led the team to 10th place with 30 points after 26 rounds have passed.

Xanthi FC vs Atromitos

It can be seen that, with only 3 points more than the relegation group, so in the remaining games of the season, this team needs to play very carefully. Whenever any footsteps cause the Xanthi players to pay dearly. However, the style in the past time is not really supporting this team. Therefore, if Xanthi has to relegate after this year’s season closes, it will not be too surprising.

Atromitos’s side, in contrast to the home team, the more they play, the more the visitors show stability. When, after 26 rounds have passed, this team has won 32 points and is currently ranked 7th on the table. With only 3 points behind the group for the playoffs, the chance for Atromitos to be able to insert themselves is very wide.

Atromitos, the performance in recent times has been impressive. After the last 10 matches, this team has won 6 victories and only received 2 defeats. Therefore, if you continue to maintain such a stable performance for the rest of the season when Xanthi FC vs Atromitos meet each other, the opportunity for Atromitos to win more victories is entirely possible.

Dealer odds with Xanthi vs Atromitos

Despite playing at home in the match tonight, Xanthi is not confident in being able to take 3 points. However, the performance that this team has shown in the past time is very poor. Not only that, but Xanthi FC Arena also is not the too strong fulcrum of Xanthi. When, after 12 times playing here this season, this team only won 4 victories but had to receive 6 defeats. Therefore, not many people dare to believe in a victory for Xanthi in this Xanthi FC vs Atromitos confrontation.

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Xanthi FC vs Atromitos

Over/Under odds

Tonight’s Xanthi FC vs Atromitos confrontation at the Xanthi FC Arena will not have many goals scored. At that time, Xanthi and Atromitos’ clutches were not really convincing. After 26 rounds, the two new teams scored 21 and 30 goals respectively. Not only that, in the last 3 confrontations between two teams Xanthi and Atromitos, but no match also has more than 3 goals scored. Therefore, the house odds offer odds ratio is 2 / 2.5, the rate of an explosion is very small.

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Confront Xanthi vs Atromitos

In the confrontation between the two teams, Atromitos is the team that takes a little advantage when having won 4 wins, 3 draws but also had to receive 3 defeats when facing Xanthi. Despite being a guest in the confrontation, Atromitos is still a team that is more appreciated in being able to win.

– The two teams have met 28 times, Xanthi won 11, drew 6, lost 11.

– At home, Xanthi won 8, drew 3, lost 3.

Xanthi FC vs Atromitos prediction: Atromitos +1/4 all match