Yokohama FC vs FC Tokyo Prediction | J.League | 06/19

Yokohama FC vs FC Tokyo prediction: A match is considered an opportunity for FC Tokyo to find the necessary points. Thereby improving the current position in the table. Because the opponent is a team that is showing poor performance at the time of competition last match of the tournament. Let’s wait for the performance of FC Tokyo players in this confrontation.


  • Match date: 09:00 am on 2021/06/19
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 18th
  • Location: NHK Spring MitsuzawaFootballStadium




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Yokohama FC currently has 77 points and is ranked 20th on the table, the last position of the table. Statistics show that Yokohama FC got 1 win, 1 draw and had to receive 3 defeats in the last 5 matches. Poor performance and constant mistakes are causing the home team players to face many difficulties at the reception this weekend.

In the remaining front line, FC Tokyo is ranked 12th in the table with 22 points in hand, still a much better performance than the home team. Statistics show that FC Tokyo brought 2 wins, 1 draw and had to receive 2 defeats in the last 5 matches. A very unstable performance of the away team’s players and need to improve this issue. It helps them to have the best performance in the upcoming trip away from home.

It is not too difficult to understand that FC Tokyo will enter this match with a high-speed play and actively hold the ball on the field. Their opponent in this match is a team 8 places below them on the rankings. Creating such an overwhelming position will help the visitors’ players have more clear opportunities to find early goals to dominate. It will be an open and goals match for FC Tokyo in this confrontation.

Select: Over FT.


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Although Yokohama FC is gradually finding the points recently when they have had good matches. It is not enough for Yokohama FC to create an effective game against an opponent who is located very high at the top of the table. Talking about the away team, with the current sublimation, enter confidently and deploy an effective tactical play that has been set out before. Along with scoring important goals from converting dangerous opportunities. The obvious danger will help FC Tokyo players get victory in this trip away from home.

Select: FC Tokyo FT.


A victory in this match helps FC Tokyo continue to improve 2 places and rise to 10th place on the rankings. When the gap in points that the two teams are close to creating with the away team is not really safe. And at the same time improve the competitive spirit of the players in the next matches. A pretty clear opportunity for FC Tokyo and they certainly will not be easily missed. Sublime competition and make the most of dangerous situations approaching the opponent’s goal. Believe that victory will still belong to the players and fans of the away team in this confrontation.

Select: FC Tokyo FT.


Yokohama FC has shown weakness in recent times. They have conceded 44 goals. A statistic that is too disappointing and seems to be the worst number compared to the general level of the teams calculated. Up to the present time, if there are no positive changes, it is entirely possible for the home team to continue to receive defeat. Talking about the away team, making good use of the fact that the opponent has not yet had the most stable competitive mentality. Focusing on playing and creating certainty during the rolling of the ball. Believe that the final victory will still belong t. FC Tokyo players in this confrontation.

Yokohama FC vs FC Tokyo prediction: Yokohama FC 1 – 3 FC Tokyo FT (0-2 H1).


Yokohama FC: Yuta Minami, Magno Maguinho, Yutaro Hakamata, Takuya Matsuura, Masahiko Inoha, Calvin Jong-A-Pin, Tatsuki Seko, Kensuke Sato, Koki Saito, Yusuke Matsuoka, Yusuke Minagawa.

FC Tokyo: Higashiguchi Masaki, Ryu Takao, Shinya Yajima, Yuya Fukuda, Genta Miura, KIM Young-Kwon, Yosuke Ideguchi, Yuji Ono, Takashi Usami, Hiroki Fujiharu, Kazuma Watanabe.

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