Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol Prediction | J. League | 04/28

Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol prediction – Both Yokohama and Kashiwa are starting the season very badly. If Kashiwa lost 6 of the first 6 games, then Yokohama would have even lost all 6. This makes the battle between the two in this round very noticeable. Many people will want to see how the two teams perform when they are in such a difficult situation.

Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol Prediction


  • Match date: 10:00 am on 04/28/2021
  • Event: J. League
  • Stage: Matchday 4th
  • Location: NHK Spring MitsuzawaFootballStadium


Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol Prediction



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In the Japan League Cup, Yokohama and Kashiwa Reyso are in 4th and 2nd place, but the poor performances of both teams are shown at a 1 point gap between the two teams. Confronted directly with each other in the fourth round match, a sure victory is what both teams are craving for in the current stage.


The bottom position with 3 points is definitely worthy of Yokohama in the current stage, coach Tomonobu Hayakawa’s team only got 1 victory but received 2 defeats in 3 appearances in the League Cup Japanese delegation. Welcoming opponents with a higher rating than Kashiwa Reysol promises to be a not easy match for the home team.


Kashiwa Reysol also did not perform better than the home team when they only got 1 win 1 draw and 1 defeat in 3 appearances. However, unexpectedly drew Shonan Bellmare with a score of 1-1, thereby coach Nelson Baptista’s army won second place on the table with only 4 points. Facing Yokohama that is not in good shape will be an opportunity for Kashiwa Reysol to assert their own ambitions.


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In fact, Yokohama is showing a series of problems at their current stage, having repeatedly received its own negative results. Moreover, the home field performance of coach Tomonobu Hayakawa’s team is also extremely poor with only 1 victory but received 6 defeats in the last 10 times played in the home. With the poor performance in the current stage, the home team is hard to get even just 1 point in this match.

Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol Prediction

Select: Kashiwa Reysol -0.5 FT.


Remember, Kashiwa Reysol’s attack is still a very important bright spot in the visitors’ play when regularly scoring and bringing in 7 goals after the last 3 appearances. Meanwhile, the defense of Yokohama is showing complete opposition when having to go into the net to pick up the ball 9 times after 3 matches. The difference between the two teams together with the visitors’ good scoring performance makes Over a safe choice for players.

Select: Over 2 1/2 FT.

Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol prediction: Yokohama 0-3 Kashiwa Reysol FT.


Although Kashiwa Reysol’s away field performance was not convincing, Coach Nelson Baptista and his students only got 4 wins 2 draws but also received exactly 4 defeats in the last 10 trips away from home. However, facing the home team is not in good shape, a victory in the European handicap seems to have been heralded for the visitors.

Select: Kashiwa Reysol FT

Yokohama vs Kashiwa Reysol Prediction


Yokohama: Yuji Rokutan, Masahiko Inoha, Yutaro Hakamata, Yota Maejima, Eijiro Takeda, Tatsuki Seko, Kosuke Saito, Keijiro Ogawa, Kleber Laube Pinheiro, Yusuke Matsuoka, Sho Ito.

Kashiwa Reysol: Kim Seoung-Gyu, Takumi Kamijima, Naoki Kawaguchi, Taiyo Koga, Shunki TAKAHASHI, Hayato Nakama, Kengo Kitazume, Keiya Shiihashi, Ataru Esaka, Yuta Kamiya, Hiroto Goya.

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