Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan Prediction On June 6th, 2020

The football match Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction in the Ekstraklasa of Poland compares both groups and includes the recent matches of the teams, the match information, head to head (h2h), intention statistics.

 Zaglebie Lubin latest matches

05/29/20Pogon Szczecin0-3Zaglebie Lubin
03/07/20Zaglebie Lubin4-4Lechia Gdansk
03/04/20Lks Lodz3-2Zaglebie Lubin
03/01/20Zaglebie Lubin3-1Krakow
23/02/20Wisla Plock1-1Zaglebie Lubin
02/16/20Zaglebie Lubin0-1Wisla

Lech Poznan latet matches

05/30/20Lech Poznan0-1Legia
03/08/20Wisla Krakow1-1Lech Poznan
03/03/20Lech Poznan4-1Gornik Zabrze
02/28/20Jagiellonia1-1Lech Poznan
02/23/20Lech Poznan2-0Lechia Gdansk
02/16/20Cracovia Krakow2-1Lech Poznan

H2H of Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan

10/25/19Lech Poznan1-2Zaglebie Lubin
02/08/19Lech Poznan1-2Zaglebie Lubin
08/26/18Zaglebie Lubin2-1Lech Poznan
12/13/17Zaglebie Lubin0-0Lech Poznan
08/12/17Lech Poznan1-1Zaglebie Lubin

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan Prediction

The team from Lubin city, Zaglebie Lubin, as Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction, is very enthusiastic in welcoming this opponent when their recent performance is very good, especially the day the tournament officially returns. Last week, this team had a trip to the field of a team that is 5 points higher than them Pogon Szczecin and the result was unexpected when they won all 3 points with a 3-0 victory.

The home ground of the coach Sevela and his team are very good in the last 10 matches they won 6, drew 2 and lost only 2, one of the two defeats was the opponent they just defeated last week.

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With only 3 rounds remaining, the tournament will end the first stage and currently, Lech Poznan is temporarily ranked 6th in the table with 41 points after 11 wins, 8 draws and 8 losses, if maintained With this achievement, they will advance to the next round.

However, the recent performance of the home team Miejski is quite bad when the last 5 rounds they have won only 1, drew 2 and lost 2, which just failed at home to Legia Warszawa last week, this is the leading team in the rankings now. In addition, the last 5 away games they have won only 1 team playing in the 2nd division is Stal Mielec.

First half

Zaglebie Lubin host is ranked 10th in the rankings with 36 points. The gap between Lubin and the leading 8 teams is only 4 points. Therefore, the opportunity still exists for Lubin when the tournament has 3 rounds to go.

If Lubin can rise to the top 8, it is a miracle of the tournament. But it will be very difficult for the home team when the next match they have to face a stronger opponent than them so it is difficult for them to get 3 points in the next game.

The scoring phase of the Polish league is only three rounds away, with 42 points, they are ranked 5th in the rankings. However, Lech Poznan still needs a chance to have a point to maintain a position in the top 8 to enter the championship phase. In fact, this season, Lech Poznan has shown his scary toughness.

Even without the best form, this team is still very difficult to be defeated. The unbeaten record in the last 12/13 rounds is the clearest evidence. The upcoming match to the field of the team is not appreciated, the chance of winning 3 points of the away team is quite bright in our Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction.

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Second half

The home team’s form is not really good as the last 5 matches they won 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. This season the home team’s front line is extremely good when they score 44 goals, they are the third-best scoring team in the league. However, the weakness of the defense made them not have a good record now, the defense has conceded 40 times. The upcoming match against the team with a better scoring record than the homeowner, with such a weak defense, it is difficult to stand in front of the away team.

The home team’s form is not really good when the last 5 matches they won 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, the 2019/2020 Season is still playing well but there is no superiority compared to the recent season. In the past 27 rounds, Lech Poznan has 42 points and is ranked 5th on the table, the ability to reach the Championship team is sure but with their current form, the ability to win is very difficult.

The head-to-head performance of the two teams in the last 5 matches is leaning towards the host when they have won 3 wins, 1 draw, and lost only 1 match. However, in the next match, the home team is having very weak defense so it is hard to resist the attacking power of the away team. Our Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction in the next match is the away team will dominate the home team and win this match.

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction, Asian bet

The current achievement can see that Lech Poznan is the better team, but they are only 6 points behind this opponent after 27 rounds so the strength is not too different. Moreover, Zaglebie Lubin is returning with a jubilant victory in last week’s trip, so they are excited and playing at home so they are more confident. Therefore, Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction is likely that the home team will continue to play well and win.

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction, O/U bet

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan Prediction

Over 2.3/4 goals

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction statistics show that three-quarters of the last clash of these two teams ended with a score of 2-1, the remaining match being 1-1. This partly shows that their match is quite intense and has many goals scored. In addition, 8/10 of the most recent home matches Zaglebie Lubin has scored, worth mentioning that all 8 matches they have scored 2 or more goals. Lech Poznan also opened fire in the last 14 away games but in the last 5 visits, they have not kept clean sheets. Therefore, the ability to explode is very high.

First half Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan: 1 – 1

Second half Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan: 2 – 1

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction, European bet

Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan Prediction

In addition to the home advantage, the recent performance is better than that of thru, remember that Zaglebie Lubin has been unbeaten before this opponent in the last 4 clashes, even won 3 times, including 2 wins gain right on the opponent’s court. Meanwhile, the draw 3, losing 1 and winning only 1 match against the 2nd team, Stal Mielec in the last 5 away matches, shows that Lech Poznan is not strong at home away games. So the home team is the more reliable option in Zaglebie Lubin vs Lech Poznan prediction.

Expected line-up

Zaglebie Lubin: Hladun, Balic, Guldan, Jonczy, Czerwinski, Bashkirov, Drazic, Starzynski, Bohar, Zivec, Bialek.

Lech Poznan: Van der Hart, Butko, Crnomarkovic, Kostevych, Satka, Dani Ramírez, Kaminski, Muhar, Pedro Tiba, Jozwiak, Zhamaletdinov.