Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction – Super Cup – 07/17

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow prediction on July 17, 2021. Zenit will face Lokomotiv Moscow in the Russian Super Cup match, the goal of the traditional rich team will still be the trophy to be able to create excitement before the new season. That goal is entirely possible when Zenit’s strength this season is still said to be superior to Lokomotiv Moscow.

Zenit Overview

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction

Zenit has always been an almost impregnable force in the top divisions of Russia for many years now. That is still no exception when they were crowned relatively easily in the Russian Premier League playground for the 2020/21 season. Before the new 2021/22 season officially starts, Zenit is almost still considered the top candidate to capture all the noblest titles. And to prove that, the next super cup match will be an opportunity for them to show themselves.

Lokomotiv Moscow Overview

Lokomotiv Moscow only finished 3rd in the Russian Premier League season 2020/21. However, this team also won a major title, the Russian national cup, this is the tournament that Zenit was eliminated from quite early. Before the 2021/22 season officially starts, Lokomotiv Moscow also has a relatively thorough preparation with many precious friendly matches.

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Past Encounters

Latest Matches

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction

Asian Bet – Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow prediction

Zenit’s recent form is also very stable, winning 6/8 matches in the Russian league and drawing 2 friendlies with representatives from the Bundesliga. On the other side, Lokomotiv can only draw and lose in the last 3 matches to prepare for the new season. Losing 1-2 to Aris and 2 disappointing draws with Krakow, Rapid continued to show instability. 8 defeats after 30 matches last season made experts not appreciate Lokomotiv’s ability to make a story.

With Zenit’s superiority, 0.75 is not a big obstacle. Lokomitiv in the current situation they do not have the potential to change the situation. Especially when Zenit is getting better prepared, the possibility that coach Nikolic and the team continue to receive bitter fruit is very clear.

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction: Choose Zenit St. Petersburg -0.75

European Bet

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction

European odds highly appreciate the ability of Zenit to win after the official 90 minutes. It is understandable that the situation of force and form is not in favor of Lokomotiv. With a superior head-to-head record, it is not surprising if Zenit continues to be the one to raise the Russian Super Cup.

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Choose Zenit St. Petersburg (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow prediction

Nikolic’s men got 17 victories but also received 8 defeats after 30 rounds. The defense is the fatal weakness of the capital team with 35 goals conceded, there is no sign of improvement when the last 2 friendly matches went into the net to pick up the ball 4 times. 

The record when away from home is also very unstable, losing 1-6 at Zenit field more than 2 months ago as an inevitable consequence. With the ambition of overthrowing and the baggage of the National Cup championship, it is not surprising if Lokomotiv is ready to play a double attack. However, with an open game, it was difficult for them to preserve the net against the quality attack of Zenit St. Petersburg.

The victory will be the perfect stepping stone to enter the new season, promising a dedicated match for both teams. In fact, the last 2 Super Cup matches in this match have 3 or more goals.

Zenit vs Lokomotiv Moscow Prediction: Choose Over 2.5


Zenit St. Petersburg: Zhirkov, Ozdoev, Kuzyayev, Odoevski, Karavaev, Chistyakov, Khotulev, Mostovoy, Erokhin, Azmoun, Dzyuba.

Lokomotiv Moscow: Magkeev, Miranchuk, Kudjakov, Babkin, Chernyy, Kasimov, Lisakovich, Nenakhov, Petrov, Petukhov, Zhivoglyadov.